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January 15, 2009 10:34 PM

Second look at Nationwide Series Drivers...

Note: Information such as driver changes and sponsorship changes can happen at any time.  This is also the rest of the Nationwide Series cars that are going to try to run a full season in 2009.  Up Next will be another round or two of Sprint Cup Drivers.

23--Robert Richardson, Ken Butler III--R3 Motorsports.

Would like to go full time as long they have enough sponsorship.  Robert will drive with sponsorship from Mahindra for 17 races.  Ken will get Aaron's sponsorship for 18 races. Robert had 15 Nationwide Series starts in 2008, but only a best finish of 19th twice.  Ken was in some ARCA races in 2008.    I say Robert gets 5 top twenty place finishes in 2009 and Ken pulls in 3-5 top 20 finishes.  

24--Eric McClure--Rensi/Hamilton Racing

Eric completed an almost full season of racing, but had only one top 20 finish.  Hefty is going to be a sponsor for this car.  I fell he will be a bit of a bright spot for the team.  He will get at least 10 top tens and pull in a 12-15th place spot in the points.

27--Jason Keller--Baker Curb Racing

Finished off a full Nationwide Series season in 12th place with 4 top tens.  Kleenex is going to be the sponsor for this car.  I say Jason gets 5-8 top tens in 2009 and gets 9-12th place in the points at the end of the season.

28--Kenny Wallace--Jay Robinson Racing

Kenny is supposed to be back in this car for another full season of racing with this team.  He racked up 34 starts last year, but only one top ten finish.  U.S. Boarder Patrol will be back as a sponsor.  I say Kenny pulls in at most three top tens in 2009 and gets a 13-15th place in the points at the end of the season.

29--Stephen Leicht, Jeff Burton, Clint Bowyer--Richard Childress

Was a split ride team last year where it had only one win last year, but finished fifth in the owner points in a full season of racing.  Holiday Inn will be back as a sponsor.  Jeff Burton had 13 starts with seven top tens in 2008.  Stephen Leicht had 2 top tens in five starts.  I say Clint Bowyer gets five starts with 4 top tens, Jeff Burton gets 15 starts with 8 top tens and a couple of wins, Stephen gets 15 starts with 7 top tens and a win.  Top five in owners points for this car.

32--Burney Lamar, Brian Vickers--Braun Racing

Brian Vickers will come back for 17 races.  He picked up 12 starts in the Nationwide Series in 2008 with 8 top ten finishes.  Burney Lamar had 19 Nationwide Starts in 2008, but had no top tens finishes.  Burney will drive the other 18. Dollar General will be back as the sponsor.  Brian will get 10 top tens and a win, and Burney gets no wins but five top tens.

33--Kevin Harvick, Cale Gale, Ryan Newman--Kevin Harvick Incorporated

This is supposed to be a split ride with many different sponsors including Vlassic, Armor Foods, VFW, and as sponsors.  Cale had 13 Nationwide Series starts in 2008 with three top ten place finishes and Kevin had 22 Nationwide Series starts in 2008 with one win and 11 top ten place finishes.  Ryan was in this car twice and had a worst finish of 12th.  Ryan will drive this car six times and get a couple of top tens, Cale will get most of the starts and get five to seven top tens, and Kevin will get one win in a limited schedule in this car.

38--Jason Leffler--Braun Racing

Finished off a full 2008 season with a ninth place showing in the points.  He picked 13 top ten place finishes in the year as well.  Great Clips and Comcast will be sponsors for this car.  I think he can pull in another 13-15 top tens in 2009.  Will finish 5-8th place in the points.

60--Carl Edwards--Jack Roush

Finished second place in the Nationwide Series with seven wins with 22 top ten finishes.  He will be back for a full 2009 season, but not all the sponsors have been named.  He will get at least 8 wins in 2009 and over 20 top tens onto a 1st place finish in the points.

62--Brendan Gaughan--RWI

The car was driven by David Stremme and finished 11th place in the points in 2008 with 16 top tens. South Point Hotel and Spa is going to be one of the sponsors for this car.  I think he will get 15-18 top tens and finish 4-7th place in the points.

66--Steven Wallace--RWI

Had seven top tens in a full season of racing in 2008.  He will have 5-hour energy and Jimmy John's as a sponsor, but will need some more to complete a full season.  I say he a bit of a surprise in 2009 as he pulls in 12 top tens and gets 7-10th place in the standings at the end of the year.

88--Brad Keselowski--JR Motorsports

Brad finished third place in the points in 2008 with a couple of wins and 20 top ten finishes.  Will have Delphi as a sponsor for six races and for 20.  I say he picks up four wins in 2009 and 20 top tens.  He will finish third place in the points.

89-Morgan Shepherd--Faith Motorsports

Had only 27 starts in 2008 with only two top 20 finishes.  Racing With Jesus is the sponsor for the races he does get in.  He will run a full season or one very close to it with only one or two finishes above 30.

99--Michael Waltrip, Scott Speed--Michael Waltrip Racing

In 2008 this was only driven by David Reutimann where he racked up 15 top tens onto a seventh place finish in the points.  Aarons Rental is going to sponsor the for ten races with with Michael in the car and other races with Best Western as a sponsor.  Scott Speed is going to get the car for the rest of the season with Red Bull as a sponsor.  I say Scott Speed is a bright spot for this car and gets five top tens.  Michael Waltrip gets only a couple at best.

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