The Pit Stop

February 8, 2009 3:25 PM

James Hylton, New Rules, and other news...

James Hylton is not going to be qualifying for the Daytona 500 on Sunday due to the car having battery and carburetor issues.  The car needed some laps over 175MPH to meet Daytona 500 Qulaifying rules.

In a new NASCAR rule they are creating a 50-foot zone for the leader of the race to restart the race. Drivers who start before the zone are going to get a  pass-through penalty.

Carl Edwards has picked up Subway as a sponsor at Phoenix In April,  Daytona in July and at one extra race that is not official yet.

The Nationwide Series is going to now have the same engine rules as the truck series.  Teams will not be permitted to compete in more than three consecutive events in a row without using an engine that has been used in competition in any preceding event.  This does exclude the Daytona and Talladega though.  The new rule goes in place March 25th.

The Daytona racetrack has added a second yellow line in order to make it even more clear for the drivers that you can't pass below the yellow line.

Fred's Hometown Discount Store is going to be an associate sponsor for Gunselman Motorsports at Daytona. 

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