The Pit Stop

February 23, 2009 3:12 AM

Matt Kenseth goes 2 for 2 in 2009

Kyle Busch is going for a NASCAR first weekend sweep of all three races this weekend at the Auto Club Speedway.  Brian Vickers had the poll for the race, but had to go to the back due to an engine change.

Carl Edwards said that this track suits his driving style. "Car is decent," said Kyle Busch.

Jimmie Johnson quickly took the lead of the race at the drop of the green flag and kept until the first caution on lap five for sprinkles on the racetrack.  This brought around half the field in service.  The sprinkles lasted so long the green flag did not drop again until lap 23.

Jimmie Johnson continued leading the race until the next caution for sprinkles came out on lap 42. This brought in all the cars tires and fuel.  Kurt Busch was able to win the race off pit road.

This saw a massive long green flag run that saw Jeff Gordon get the lead of the race on lap 79 from Jimmie Johnson who started to fade.  Around lap 85 it was the first round of green flag pit stops with Jeff Gordon keeping the lead of the race.  Then it was Greg Biffle getting second place on lap 96 and he started to close the gap to Jeff Gordon.

As green flag racing continued to the second round of green flag pits stops that occurred around lap 120.  During this pit stop it was Greg Biffle getting the lead of the race after the pit stops were done.

Green flag racing continued until rain again brought out the caution on lap 141.  Cars on the lead lap come in and it was Matt Kenseth this time getting the lead of the race.

During this green flag run it was the cars of Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mark Martin all stated to have some engine problems.  Matt Kenseth led all the green flag laps and with 81 laps to go the rain came back again to bring out the caution.

The brought in most of the cars on the lead lap.  Matt Kenseth won the race off pit road.  Tony Stewart stays out to lead the race, but comes in after a couple of laps.  We finally got back to green flag racing with 73 laps left.  .

One lap later at it was Mark Martin and his car smoking and then his car would go behind the wall.    With 60 laps left it was Matt Kenseth in the lead of the race with Jeff Gordon in second.

With 55 laps to go Jeff Gordon got right behind Matt Kenseth for the lead and took the lead on the next lap.  Greg Biffle took over second with 53 laps left.  Three laps later and it was Kyle Busch up to fourth.

We finally get the first caution of the night for an on track incident as Kevin Harvick blows a tire and hits the wall with 43 laps left.  By this time it was Dale Jr. behind the wall due his slow car.  "Broke something in the valve train," said Dale.  "Had a pretty good car."

Matt Kenseth was able to win the race off pit road again with Jeff Gordon in second and Kyle Busch in third.  With 35 laps to go the green flag dropped and Matt Kenseth was able to keep a small lead over Gordon.

With 20 laps to go Jeff Gordon got right behind Matt for the lead of the race.  With 15 laps to go Matt pushed the lead close to a second.   With seven laps left Aric Almirola and his car was slowing big time while Jeff Gordon was getting close to Matt Kenseth.

Gordon just did not have anything left and Matt Kenseth wins the first two races of the year.  The last driver to that was Jeff Gordon in 1997.

Matt Kenseth thanked his team for winning both races this year.

Jeff Gordon said that when he caught Matt he could do nothing with him.

"Tonight was a good run for us," said Kyle Busch.

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