The Pit Stop

February 20, 2009 10:07 PM

David Gilliland, Todd Bodine, and other news.

Todd Bodine, Winner of the first Truck series race of the season, says that even the win at Dayton has not translated into a single call from a potential full-season sponsor.  He says the money from GEICO may get him to the Atlanta race.

Due to sponsorship problems David Gilliland has been let go out his contract at Robert Yates Racing.

Aflac is looking to sell off some Sprint Cup dates, but are having trouble getting rid of all that they wanted.

The plan to introduce a new tire is not going to impact the introduction of a new Nationwide Series car says Nationwide series Director Joe Balash.

Shane Wilson is in and Dan Deeringhoff is as crew chief for the #29 car this weekend at California Nationwide Series race.

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