The Pit Stop

March 17, 2009 10:05 PM

Jeff Burton, Nationwide Series news, and more...

Jeff Burtonn is going to make his apperance on General Hosiptal on Wednesday.

Next Tuesday though Clint Boyer is going to make an apperance on the NBC show "The Biggest Looser." reports on R3 Motorsports expanding the Nationwide Series team in this tough economy.

The only races that the #5 Jr. Motorsports team have not announced a driver for is the road course races.

MacDonald Motorsports is going to have Kevin Hamlin as a driver at Texas and Bristol in April for the Nationwide Series races.

Cajun Industries is going to be the sponsor the for the MSRP Motorsports for the Nationwide series race this week. is going to help sponsor Tommy Baldwin Racing this weekend for the Bristol race.  The other sponsor for this weekend is going to be Nexxus Lighting.

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