The Pit Stop

March 6, 2009 10:30 PM

Kyle Busch and other news.

Getting the poll for the race on Sunday is Mark Martin with a speed of 187.045 MPH.  Sitting along side of the front row is Kurt Busch.

NASCAR is scrutinizing more the reason some cars are dropping out of races.

The formula NASCAR is going to use for the restart zone for now is to take the pit road speed at the track and then double it.

NOS Energy is going to be a sponsor for Kyle Busch this year in the Nationwide Series for 14 laps.

Boris Said is going to have his first race with his combined RCM/No Fear Racing team at Sonoma.

The final rating for the Sprint Cup Las Veags race is a 6.5 rating which is down from the 7.1 rating the race got last year.

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