The Pit Stop

March 21, 2009 11:51 PM

Sterling Marling wins one more.

NASCAR Legends have come back tonight at Bristol for a special Saturday Night Special race.  It is a special 50-lap event for a trophy and a charity donation.  The lineup for the race was determined by some celebrity races that occurred right before the start of this race. Drivers are going to be modified cars for the race.

"I always did like this track," said Cale Yarborough.

L.D. Ottinger said that he had a lot of success at this track.

Harry Gant said that everyone is going to go after it.  He is the driver on the poll for this race.

"It aught to be a lot of fun," said Terry Labonte.

Phil Parsons says that he is thrilled to be with these guys again.

Other legends at the race include Junior Johnson, Jack Ingram, David Green, Sterling Marlin, and Larry Pearson.

This race is a 35 laps affair with a competition caution at lap 20.

At the drop of the green flag it was Sterling Marlin getting the lead of the race.  A couple of laps go by and the hood from Harry Gant started to come off.  Then the first caution of the day comes out.

The caution moved Terry Labonte into second place.  The green flag drops and Jack Ingrahm gets squirrelly in the back.  Then Rusty Wallace moved into second place.

In a couple of laps lapped traffic helped Rusty get right behind Sterling for the lead of the race and then the competition caution came out.

The green flag dropped again and L.D. Ottinger made a couple of passed and moved up into third place. Rusty did not have anything for Sterling as he went on to win the special race.  Sterling led all the laps in the race.

This thing worked perfect said Sterling Marling.  He also stated that the car had a lot of grip. 

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