The Pit Stop

March 25, 2009 10:05 PM

Rick Hendrick, All Star Race news, and more.

The new rules for the All-Star race are out.  The first segment is 50 laps with a mandatory pit stop at lap 25 where a four tire change will take place.  The second segment will last 20 laps with an optional pit stop.  The third segment is also 20 laps long and has a 10 minute break.  The final segment is 10 laps long.

Rick Hendrick says that he is still committed to Dale Jr.

The #72 Nationwide Series VSI Racing team has picked up penalties for using some unapproved fuel.  Crew chief Andy Punch has been fined $10,000, suspended for the next four NASCAR events, and put on probation until the end of the year.  The team owner and driver have also been docked 50 points.

A new study is out saying that the Darlington Race brings in 54 million bucks to the local economy.

74-year-old James Hylton says that he still wants one more NASCAR start.

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