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April 18, 2009 6:39 PM

Kasey Kahne, Dale Jr. comments and my own comments....

Kasey Kahne has come out to say that he will be back to run the full 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup season  with Richard Petty Motorsports.

In a press release that I got it says at 5:15PM on May 1st at Lipton Stage at the Richmond International Raceway the Charlie Daniels Band is going to have a free concert.  After the concert the Lipton Tea 250 race is going to take place.

Dale Jr. says that he is saddened to not see the #8 car on the track.

My comments on the #8 car not racing this weekend:

I am not really saddened by all at this. The economy sucks and that car has no sponsorship so it is not racing.

Sure the #8 car has a lot of NASCAR history by it.  So does other numbers like the #3, #24, #48, #28, and #43.  It is not just the car number that counts it is also the driver as well.

Take the #43 car for instance. That last time it won a race was in Martinsville by John Andretti all the way back in 1999. Back in the lates 90's John was a quality driver where in 1998 he finished 11th in points and in 1999 he finished 17th.

Now driving the car is Reed Soreson who has no Sprint Cup wins, but three Nationwide Series wins.  To me I do not see enough talent for him to win a race, but can get that occasional top ten finish from time to time.

The last win in #8 car was by Dale Jr. in 2006 at Richmond.  We all know he is a legit driver who has 18 Sprint Cup wins and 22 Nationwide Series wins.

The #8 car now has Aric Almirola in it who has no Sprint Cup wins, but one Nationwide Series win.  He also has have very limited driving time as well.  I say he has more talent than Reed Sorenson and could steel a win, but has not had a perfect car yet.

You can trot out a car with a #8, a #24, or a #43 number on it all you want, that car though had better be winning races though.

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