The Pit Stop

April 20, 2009 10:29 PM

Phoenix Thoughts....

The win by Mark Martin has to be the best win by a driver in a past couple of years. Mark in the past four weeks has moved from the dumpster up to almost being in the chase. 

Mark still has the skills to compete at his age and still could win the championship.  He is still as good as Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch, and Jeff Gordon.

Mark is showing that the five car can be competitive, it just needed the right driver.

I hope this win brings back the TV ratings this sport needs.

The race as a whole though was mostly boring with the leader being able to blow out into big leads at times.  Dale Jr. Had four second leads twice in the race.

Something has to be up with the glue or the pit crew workers when it comes to those tires.  Just too many times have we seen drivers having to make that second pit stop due to a missing lug nut.  

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