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April 6, 2009 10:36 PM

Some Nationwide Series Interviews....

I got this post Texas Nationwide Series post race interview sent to me and I want to share it with you.

Nationwide On-Hold Post Texas.mp3

Text from the MP3 File:

Kyle Busch NASCAR Nationwide Series Champion Interview - Texas Motor Speedway

Kyle Busch dominated the Nationwide Series race at Texas Motor Speedway for the third year in a row, capturing his second Series victory of the season and becoming the first driver in the track's history to win from the pole position.

Kyle Busch:
The start of the race, I think, was flawless, it was fast and the more and more we went we just kept getting looser and looser for some reason.  Typically you tighten up here so it was kind of weird for us, we kept adjusting on the car to make it tighter so, you know I could go on the beginning of the run and keep up with those guys and be tight enough to where I could hustle the car.  Besides that, you know the guys on pit road were flawless today; they gave great pit stops every time we came in. We'd smoke them off pit road, you know there wasn't even a chance sometimes so I'm really proud of those guys. And so for us it wasn't an easy day, it might have looked easy but I'm tired. I'm ready for a nap.

Driving for Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart was the runner up.  

Tony Stewart:
I think if the caution came out we might have had a shot to make it interesting but you know he was just bad fast all day. I mean there's no doubt that he was the fastest car and the best car won today.  If he got beat it was going to be because somebody got tricky on strategy and beat him on tires so that was the only shot he was going to have at losing today.

Brad Keselowski had an outside shot to catch Busch until the final yellow came out with only 12 laps to go.

Brad Keselowski:
I really did not want that caution or need it.  I had a shot, I felt, at beating Kyle in a long run.  We were just starting to reel him back in and I think there was like 13 to go and it was going to be really close, so you know it's really unfortunate.  I knew I was going to have a hard time passing him in a short run. His cars and his talents are generally on the short run so it kind of set our fate there.

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