The Pit Stop

May 30, 2009 10:10 PM

Brad steels the race in the end.

The Nationwide Series drivers took to the Monster Mile today for the Heluva Good! 200.  Earlier in the day Joey Logano won the poll and is the youngest ever winner of the poll.  This is also the first race of the weekend that the new pit is going to used for the first time.

"Really good in practice," said Joey Logano.  He also stated that this is one of the best cars he has ever had.

Carl Edwards stated that his car is good and that someone today may miss pit road.

It was not long at all after the green flag dropped and on lap 2 it was Peyton Sellers hitting the wall and bringing out the caution.  

The next car to wind up with problems was Greg Biffle around lap 16, the caution did not come out for his car.  The next caution though popped out at lap 29 for John Wes Townley and Ken Butler getting together.

This caution wound up ending the competition yellow that was going to come out on lap 35.  It brought in all the cars on the lead lap and Joey Logano was able to keep the lead of the race.  

After the green flag dropped it was a long green flag run that saw Kyle Busch taking the lead of the race for the first time as Joey Logano has trouble with lapped traffic.  Then the next caution comes out around lap 74 as Kevin Lapage wounds up crashing his car big time.

All the leaders make a pit stop and Joey Logano wins the race off pit road.  It was short green flag run this time and Marc Davis got spun out to bring out the caution on lap 85.  Lap 92 saw the next caution as Ryan Newman winds up crashing his car. Getting damage in the read end was Steven Wallace.

This led to another long green flag run where Kyle Busch got the lead of the race again at lap 109 and broke out to the 2-second plus lead.  At alp 130 it was Ryan Newman spinning out again to bring out the caution.  "Exploded a tire," said Ryan Newman.  

This brought in the leaders again and Kyle Busch won the race off pit road with Clint Boyer in second and Joey Logano out in third.

At the drop of the green flag it was Joey Logano having a tough time passing Clint Boyer for second while Greg Biffle wound up with more car problems.  With 57 laps left David Ragan winds up getting loose in a corner and spins out.  With nowhere to go and picking up some major damage was Kevin Harvick. "I got really free," said David Ragan.

With 42 laps left it was Scott Lagasee Jr. crashing hard to bring out the caution.  Scott stated that he was going to make a decent day out of it.

With 34 laps left it was Kyle Busch in the lead with Joey Logano in second and Brad Keselowski in third.  Nothing changed up front and with 8 laps left Scott Wimmer blows up a tire to bring out the final caution of the day.

The restart wound up being a wild one.  Joey wound up right behind Kyle at the start and then showed Kyle out of the way in turn one.  That wound up giving Kyle a flat tire. Brad Keselowski then went low and passed both cars for the lead of the race and then onto the win of the race. Klye wound up 17 finishing 17th.

We caught a break," said Brad Keselowski.  He also stated that he did not know what happened up front.

"Brad drove a smart race," said Dale Jr. who owns the car that Brad was driving today.

"I just screwed up, said Joey Loagano. Joey went on to say that Kyle checked up and that he was right behind Kyle.

"We thought it was going to be really good," said Carl Edwards.

Even with the trouble Kyle had he still leads Carl Edwards by 40 points.

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