The Pit Stop

May 26, 2009 10:20 PM

Coca Cola 600 and other thoughts....

If you watched the race on Sunday and Monday did it seem to you it looked more like the Coca Cola 600 hours and not the Coca Cola 600.

Rain can be bad, and this has to be the worst that I have seen it for a NASCAR race since Tuesday in Michigan.  But that Michigan race went all the way to end though.

I liked the idea of the NASCAR tribute, but with all the bad weather they had over the weekend they should have done this right before noon to get it over with.

This race hardly had any flow due to the rain, but when it finally started to get some they had to do a red flag at 3PM to salute the troops.

I thought it was great by NASCAR to try to get the track dry after the last red flag. Sure it lasted over 2 hours, felt more like 20, but at least NASCAR made a solid attempt on Monday to get the race in.

At this point of time I can fully see in the next couple of week a crew chief change for Dale Jr. and his team.  Right now he is 203 points away from the 12th place car and is 19th place in the points.  The team is in a major rut right now and needs some top ten finishes in a hurry.  His chase chances are not looking good right now.

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