The Pit Stop

May 11, 2009 10:58 PM

Darlington Thoughts and more.....

Jeremy Mayfield really blew it.  He will always be the first Sprint Cup driver to wind up on the suspension list for taken some drug.  I do not know what it is and NASCAR is not going to tell so we may never know what it was he took.  It was nice to see him back in the Sprint Cup series with his own team and trying to make something out of it again.  Now his Sprint Cup career is fully down the toilet at this time.

Mark Martin winning again is great.  It certainly shows that his first win was no fluke.  He is looking like championship material at this point of time.

I think Joey Logano is finnally showcasing that he is a legit Sprint Cup driver.

This article says that NASCAR is looking at why the ratings are dropping.

This is my thoughts on the subject....

I really do not know why the ratings are going down so much this year.

Could the ratings be down becuase when you lead the race no one can really pass you???

If you want quality race finishes we have a few of them for sure.  Carl Edwards and the finish at Talladega, Mark Martin and his two wins so far.

If you are looking for story lines to follow you have plenty of them.  David Reutimann and his start to the year.  Joey Logano and his first full year in the Sprint Cup series.  Stewart HAAS Racing and the start it has.  Mark Martin and his magical year so far.  What is up with Dale Jr. and his team.   

I do think we need to see more cars with only one primary sponsor and only one paint scheme though for the full season.  It is so much better to spot a car you can easily remember and not something is like changing from week to week.  That could help.

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