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June 9, 2009 10:01 PM

Major Jeremy Mayfield news and more...

ESPN the Magazine says that the drug Jeremy Mayfield took for his positive test was methamphetamine also known as crystal meth.

Michael Waltrip says that he is closer to driving just a part time schedule in 2010.

Patrick Carpentier is in and Michael Waltrip is going give up his ride for the June 21st race at Infineon.

Boris said is going to attempt the Infineon Sprint Cup race for EM Motorsports.

I got in the post race interviews from Nashville in.

Nationwide On-Hold Post Nashville-Race-2.mp3

Kyle Busch NASCAR Nationwide Series Champion Interview - Nashville Superspeedway

After going three Nationwide Series races in a row where he led the most laps and didn't win, Kyle Busch dominated the season second showdown at Nashville Superspeedway. Easily claiming the Federated Auto Parts 300, where he was out front for 175 of the 225 laps.  

Kyle Busch:
We had a good day that went smooth today and we didn't have any issues, you know we have had smooth days that were going great the past few weeks, just at the end it comes to something taking us away. So it was relief today, I mean I was actually nervous coming down to the end of the race because I wasn't sure, something might happen. You never know, it would just be a never-ending saga really. But finally we were able to knock the monkey off the back and get a win here, for me especially to get my first Nationwide Series win at Nashville and my second guitar I won an archer race here, it's been a long time since that day and it was very cool.

Now the winner at Nashville always gets a custom painted Gibson guitar that every driver takes great care to get home safely. That is until Busch, who took out his acts in victory lane and did his best impression, of a rock star.

Yeah, I always said if I win here man I'd smash that thing. So I had to stick to my word man it's karma or something I guess. So I won here so I tried to smash it up.  Ozzy (Osbourne)'s done it right? I think Ozzy's done it too; I think KISS has even done it. I mean everybody's done it except racecar drivers. All them sorry saps they take it home in one piece and put it on the shelf. I'll break that thing up and spread it among the team so everybody's got a piece.

He'll have to do that by cutting it up with a saw because the man who customized the guitar, artist Sam Bass pointed out.

Sam Bass:
That shows what a quality product Gibson makes. Because that guitar did not break, the neck did not break in a half and it's probably still playable if you plugged it in.

The runner-up was Brad Keselowski.

Brad Keselowski:

We had a strong car and just didn't quit have enough for Kyle Busch. You know we put a little pressure on him and when we did he was showing he had a pretty good car too. We made a little bit of ground on him, had a good point's day even though we lost points to the leader like we said we gained a spot and we are doing what we need to do. We need to just run consistent and run our own pace and that's what we're doing, we are strong cars and great day for JR Motorsports.

Coming home third, Carl Edwards.

Carl Edwards:

Now it wasn't a win but that's the best we have run in a while. There at the end we were competitive. It's not a win but it is good for us and it's a really fun stretch for me and hopefully we can get a win here in the next couple of weeks.

Finishing fourth was Mike Bliss with Jason Leffler fifth. Six to 10 were Stephen Leicht, Steve Wallace, Michael McDowell, Erik Darnell and Brad Coleman. Eleven to 15: Scott Lagasse Jr., Shelby Howard, Justin Allgaier, Bobby Hamilton Jr. and Kenny Wallace. Not only did Busch do his rock star imitation in victory lane but before he got there he did something that nobody else has ever done. During a burnout in his NOS energy drink Toyota, the 24-year-old driver set a tire on fire.

Myth buster said it couldn't be done and I did it so, I'm happy. What'd they say, you can't light a tire on fire from smoking it or something like that? So we lit it on fire tonight and I don't know why. I don't know if it was from the fertilizer from the grass or what. So I burned that baby up and it lit on fire and I saw it from the corner of my eye and I was like, what was that, cool. I just kept digging.

Busch, by the way. leads Carl Edwards by 65 points in the battle for the Nationwide Series Championship.

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