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June 1, 2009 10:24 PM

Rule Changes and other news....

NASCAR may do double file restarts at more races as soon as the Pocono race.

Drivers at Dover are having happy things to say about the new pit road.

The overnight rating for the Dover race is in and it was a 3.6 rating.  That is down from the 4.2 rating the race got last year.

New Hampshire Motor Speedway is going to be holding auditions to find its first ever mascot.

Got in the post Denver Nationwide series race stuff.

Nationwide On-Hold Post Dover.mp3

Victory Interview with Brad Keselowski from NASCAR Nationwide Series at Dover International Speedway.

For the third consecutive Nationwide Series Race, Kyle Busch led the most laps but didn't win--with the nightmarish ending happening this time on the Monster Mile in Dover, Delaware. With two laps to go in the Heluva Good 200, Busch was on the point followed by teammate Joey Logano. Between Busch's 108 and Logano's 87, the Joe Gibb's duo led 195 laps. But on the re-start with the checkered flag about to fly, Busch had a problem. It could have been a flat tire, probably, or contact from Logano--maybe--Kyle stormed away without telling. Whatever the case, Brad Keselowski went from third to first and then on to victory lane.


I saw the 18 slow down and 20 making an evasive maneuver and I just saw a hole. Went for the hole and didn't lift and got very fortunate that it didn't turn into a lot of cars wrecked in the first corner and it's just the way it goes. I didn't know that was going to happen and I was there and ready for it and that's really all that you can do and it worked out.

It didn't however work out for Logano and he wasn't sure what actually transpired between him and Busch.


He actually spun his tires on the re-start and that's what allowed me to have a good start and get right up on him but as far as the right front down or anything like that , I don't know, I can't really tell you. I thought by the time I got off of him we were going slow enough that he should have been able to make the turn. But I'm not in his racecar and I don't know exactly what happened.

Winding up third a somewhat unhappy Clint Bowyer.


He's good, he just got way to loose there that last set of tires but we were good that last run or the next to last run just wasn't our day.

Coming home fourth it was Brian Vickers who got into a heated battle for that position in the closing stages with Carl Edwards.


I really had to earn that one. Carl did a great job putting the pressure on there the last 20, 30 laps especially right there at the very end. We were side by side there at the finish but he raced me hard and clean and I had a lot of fun.


That was fun, I was working on him for I don't know 25, 30 laps and there at the end we were side by side going down to turn three. My car had been hitting those bumps and I thought, man, Kyle just went behind us and all I could think of was points but then I thought, man, I got to race Brian so we went through that corner side by side. It was a pretty wild race. I just have to thank him for racing me so clean. That was fun.

Sixth across the stripe was Paul Menard with Scott Speed seventh then it was Jason Leffler, Jason Keller and Justin Allgaier rounding out the top 10. Eleven to 15: Michael McDowell, Brendan Gaughan, Kevin Harvick, Mike Bliss and Bobby Hamilton Jr. Kyle Busch limped in 17th. His lead in the Nationwide Series Championship standings cut to just 40 points over Carl Edwards. Jason Leffler is third minus 153. Brad Keselowski now has a Nationwide win to go along with his upset in the Talladega Cup race and in those two victories, he's led a grand total of just three laps.


That's awesome, I like that stat. It's not how many you lead; it's the ones that you lead. I race very differently than most other drivers around me and sometimes that makes them mad and sometimes that just works. You know, I work the race to where I'm in position on the last run to win and the rest of the race to me is just running laps. It's just staying on the lead lap, gradually gaining position, keeping your car in one piece and I think that's probably the anti-Christ to the way Kyle races. And I know that probably makes him madder than hell. But it works.

Yes it does.

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