The Pit Stop

June 7, 2009 11:10 PM

Tony Manufactures enough fuel for the win.

Sprint Cup drivers were at Pocono today for the first time usage of the double file restarts.  Tony Stewart won the poll for this race, but had to go to backup car due to crashing it in practice.

"I think it is going to make it exciting for the fans," said Denny Hamlin on the double file restarts.  Jeff Burton said that it was going to be a big game changer.

"We got a good race car, said Tony Stewart.  Jeff Gordon stated that his car was good at times.

Right at the start of the race Denny Hamlin and his car just did not go fast at all. He wound up going so slow that he wound up brining out the caution on lap one. At lap 12 he was out on the track again only to be slow again and cause another caution for being slow at 13.  He went down a total of 22 laps before his car was running right.

This caution brought in the leaders and Jimmie Johnson was able to win the race off pit road.  This finally caused a massive long green flag run to occur.  Jimmie Johnson kept the lead of the race until lap 37 when Greg Biffle briefly held the lead.  This caused Carl Edwards to come right behind Jimmie and Greg.  Carl though was able to get the lead opf the race on lap 38.

Then Green flag pit stops started around lap 45.  During this set of pit stops Michael Waltrip spun trying to get to pit road.  Carl was able to get the lead of the race again after pit stop ended.

Green flag racing continued with Carl Edwards in the lead and around lap 75 it was a second round of green flag pit stops.  This time it was Carl Edwards winding up not getting enough fuel in his car.  Tony Stewart though was able to stay out to lead a lap during this time.

Carl wound up keeping the lead again after pit stops, but had to come in early on lap 101 for four tires and fuel.  He was able to stay on the lad lap but was all the way back to 15th around 37 seconds back of the leader.

A couple laps later Jeff Burton comes in.  On the next lap though right before Jimmie Johnson finally makes his stop the caution comes out.  He pitted anyway and got a penalty.  Matt Kenseth almost pitted but did not.  

Carl Edwards who did not have to pit wound up getting the lead of the race.  Jimmie Johnson with his penalty did stay on the lead lap, but was all the way back in 25th.

This time we only get a short green flag run and on lap 113 the caution comes out for David Stremme hitting the wall.  This brought in some of the cars down on pit road including Jimmie Johnson.

At lap 123 it was Jimmie Johnson back up to 10th.

At lap 130 it was Kurt Busch on pit road with some car problems as he had no power steering. He wound up going 17 laps down to fix his problem.

Five laps later and it was time for another round of green flag pit stops. This time we had no troubles on pit road.  At lap 143 Carl Edwards finally got the lead back.  

With 50 laps left it was Carl Edwards in the lead with Tony Stewart in second.  Jimmie Johnson was in sixth but almost 15 seconds back.

With 43 laps left the debris caution came out.  This time it was Tony Stewart getting the leading the race off pit road with Carl Edwards coming out second.  Jeff Gordon though stayed out to lead the race.

At this time though rain finally came down on the racetrack.  At lap 162 Jeff Gordon and a few others in the back pitted.  At lap 165 the green flag dropped with a bunch of cars that might not make if it went green flag to the end.

With 20 laps left Tony was leading Carl by 1 second.  With 15 laps left it was Mark Martin, Kyle Busch and Greg Biffle coming in for tires and fuel.  Clint Boyer comes in on the next lap and on the next lap it was Matt Kesneth along with Dale Jr. coming in.  

With 10 laps left it was Tony leading Kasey Kahne by 2.2 second, but Kasey had to stop for fuel and put Carl back into second place.  Carl was over 6 seconds backs to Tony though.

Tony at this time started to slow his lap times down by over a second to save fuel.  He was slowing up big time in the corners.    Tony was able to continue to manufacture enough fuel to go on and win the race.

"Been an awesome weekend," said Tony Stewart. When asked on how he saved fuel he would not answer the question.

"I bet I got a gallon or two left," said Carl Edwards.  Carl also said that he thought Tony was not going to be a factor.

"This is a tough place to save," said Jeff Gordon.  He also stated the double file restart killed us.

Jimmie Johnson stated that NASCAR needs to look at light systems.  "I did not play it well enough," said Jimmie on saving fuel.

Ryan Newman stated that he was luck to be able to stay on the lead lap.

In points Tony Stewart extended his lead over Jeff Gordon to 71 points. Just outside of the chase in 13th place by 1 measly point is Mark Martin.

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