The Pit Stop

June 14, 2009 10:14 PM

Wild end to race at Michigan

The Sprint Cup drivers are in Michigan on a great weather day for the LifeLock 400.  Brian Vickers is the poll sitter for the race.

"Track position is going to be very important," said Brian Vickers.  Ryan Newman said that his car was pretty good yesterday.  "We got a great race car," said Mark Martin.

At the drop of the green flag it was a massive long green flag run.  Kyle Busch led the first eight laps and then it was Jimmie Johnson taking over the lead and he started to break out into a massive lead.

He broke out to an almost seven second lead by lap 36 and on the next lap the first round of green flag pit stops started to occur.  After the pit stops were over Jimmie Johnson had a 4.5 second lead over Kasey Kahne.

At lap 51 it was Greg Biffle who finally marched his way into second place.  By the time the debris caution came out on lap 73 he had an almost 8 second lead.  Jimmie had wound up lapping around half the field by the time the caution came out.

The leaders pit and it was Jimmie Johnson out in first with Greg Biffle in second.  This time Jimmie could not break out in a big gigantic lead like he had last time over Greg Biffle.

Jimmie kept on leading laps and second round of green flag pit stops started again at lap 113.  Jimmie again was the leader of the race after pit stops cycled through and then the caution came out again for debris on lap 121.  This caution though did bring in a couple of cars on the lead lap.

During this long green flag run Mark Martin moved into third place on lap 132 passing Juan Pablo Montoya.  Ten laps later and it was Matt Kenseth making an unscheduled pit stop.

At lap 150 we finally get the first caution of the day for a spinning car as David Stremme spins out in turn four.  Matt Kesneth winds up getting lucky and getting the lucky dog pass.

This time during pit stops Greg Biffle was able to win the race off pit road with Denny Hamlin coming out in second and Jimmie Johnson out in third.  At the drop of the green flag Denny Hamlin got a poor restart.

The left Greg Biffle in the lead with Mark Martin in second.  This time it was Greg Biffle's turn to break out to a 1.5 second plus lead.  With 22 laps left it was Jimmie Johnson moving into second place.

At this time the leaders were around 2 seconds slower than the fastest lap they had as they were in a bit of fuel conservation mode.

With 16 laps left Jimmie was only 1 second back of Greg Biffle.  With 11 laps left he was really close to Greg.  With seven laps left Jimmie went down low to try to pass Greg, but could not make it.  

One lap later and Jimmie tried the same move and it worked.  At the start finish line on the last lap the fuel was all gone from the Jimmie Johnson car.  Then Greg Biffle started to run out fuel.  This put Mark Martin into the lead where he had enough fuel to win the race.

"This team deserves to be in the chase," said Mark Martin.  He also stated the car got great gas mileage.  

Greg Biffle said that Jimmie Johnson made him use too much throttle and fuel.  He was able to finish in fifth place though.

"We struggled with the handling all day," said Carl Edwards.

"Not much you can do, said Jimmie Johnson.  He also stated he was happy with the performance of this car.  He finished the race in 22nd spot due to his fuel problems.

Tony Stewart at the end of the race had a shrinking lead. His lead is only 47 points over Jeff Gordon

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