The Pit Stop

June 24, 2009 11:09 PM

With 10 races left before the Chase....

this is my look at what drivers make be chasers and who may wind up being racers.

9th place--Kyle Busch-- has three wins, but I think he will be a racer. He is just not fully consistent in the top 10.  He is either winning or wrecking.

10th place--Matt Kenseth--  Has a couple wins early, but I could see him as a racer as well. He doing okay in the finishes now, but needs more top tens.

11th place--Mark Martin--Has three wins and I think he is a chaser.  He has the experience and the drive to make it.

12th place--Juan Pablo Montoya--He has no wins, but this guy is having his best season so far.  He is racing smater and all the extra experience on the track is helping him big time.

13th place--Kasey Kahne--Has only one win, but I think his win at Sonama helps give him the momentum he needs to get into the chase.

14th place--David-Reutimann--He has no wins, but I say he is a chaser. He really needs to show off more of his early season sucess in order to make the chase though.

15th & 16th place Jeff Burton and Clint Boyer-- Both of them have no wins and both drive for Richard Childress Racing.  They certainly both have the time, but have not showcased anything this year that say they are chase worthy imo.

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