The Pit Stop

August 3, 2009 10:24 PM

Iowa and Pocono Race thoughts....

The Iowa race was a classic.  It was nice to see the stands 100% full of people in it for once.

You had the cautions, you had the side-by-side racing for the lead, you had it all.

Granted they were not Sprint Cup cars, but that track should get a Sprint Cup date over other tracks though.  They will need to increase the amount of seating though, but should not be a problem to do.

One day late for the Pocono race, but in the final laps thought the racing got nuts after the restarts.  Some three-wide and four wide racing.

Jimmie Johnson though had a top five car, but was able to finish in the top 15 after winding up with car problems.  Great finish for that team.

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