The Pit Stop

August 31, 2009 12:09 AM

Marcos Ambrose blows the race in the end.

The Nationwide Series drivers have made their way up to Montreal Canada for he last road course race of the year for the NAPA Auto Parts 200 presented by Dodge.


The weather on Sunday looked great, but rain could even fall today.  Qualifying on yesterday though was all done in the rain that was a first for this race.  Marcos Ambrose who went out early in qualifying had some of the best weather on that day won the poll.  Carl Edwards was the only late car to qualify that had anything close to Marcos and his poll time.  Due to the rain NASCAR decided around lap 10 for a mandatory caution.


"Wearing my lucky shoes," said Marcos Ambrose.  "Had a good car this morning," Patrick Carpentier.  "Going to be extra cautious," said Carl Edwards.  Ron Fellows.


At the drop of the green flag Marcos got the lead of the race and then Kyle Busch wound up getting some damage from his car.  At lap three the first caution comes out as Colin Braun and his car slows up big time due to an engine failure. He also started to leak oil all over the place as well.


That caution did bring down Ron Fellows who was in the top five to replace his front valance that got damaged while qualifying his car.   Max Papis was the super early rocket by passing over 20 plus cars by the time the caution came out.


After the green flag dropped Carl Edwards got the lead, then lost it on the last lap to Marcos Ambrose.  The mandatory caution came out on lap 11 where 12 cars decided to stay out.


After the green flag came out again, green flag racing did not last long and on lap 16 Patrick Carpentier slows big time to bring out the caution.  Patrick stated that he missed a shift.


This caution brought in the leader Marcos and cars as well for service.  Some light rain started to fall on this track, but it did not rain heavy enough to go to the rain tires. 


Jacques Villeneuve stayed out as the leader until the pace car went down pit road.  After the green flag dropped Andrew Ranger was able to lead late in the lap on Carl Edwards.


Then at lap 23 Brad Keselowski and Alex Tagliani in separate incidents to bring out the caution.  When the green flag dropped it was not long before the next caution came out on lap 26 as Justin Allgaier.wound up taking out Ron Fellows and turning around Kyle Busch.  Kyle was the only car to continue on.    "I caused it," said Justin Allgaier.  He also stated that he was wheel hopping badly.  Ron Fellows sated that he will be back and that these races are his Daytona 500.


After the green flag dropped we finally got the longest green flag run of day.  Marcos Ambrose finally got back into the lead on lap 31 and busted out to a big lead.


Around lap 40 it was time for cars to make their final pit stop of the day.  With 28 laps left Marcos Ambrose comes in to pit.  One lap later and the caution finally came out for Jeffrey Earnhardt who spins out.  Jacques Villenueve comes down pit road for service.


With 23 laps left it took a few turns to finally get Marcos Ambrose in the lead of the race again with Carl Edwards in second.  On the next lap the caution comes out for gravel debris on the racetrack due to a Steven Wallace spin.  More rain though at this time was making it closer and closer to the track.  The pit crews were also brining out the rain tiers.


With 18 laps left the green flag drops with Marcos quickly getting the lead this time.  The on the next lap Carl Edwards wound up getting passed by both Andrew Rang and Kyle Busch.  Kyle though lost it later in the lap and Carl was able to pass him.  With 16 laps left the caution for rain comes out and for D.J. Kennington who spins out.


After a couple of caution flag laps NASCAR took all the cars down pit road and froze the field for five minutes to put on the rain tires, windshield wipers, etc... and then go back to racing.


As the cars were logging more laps under caution some parts of the track were dry due to trees protecting the racetrack.  The green flag drops with 11 laps to go and Marcos quickly got the lead.  Carl Edwards was trying to pass Andrew Ranger for second, but Kyle Busch with a bold move took the spot.  Carl then wound up in fourth as  Andrew was able to pass Carl.


With 10 laps left a debris caution came out.  This caution became the record setting ninth caution for a Nationwide series race. 


The green flag drops with seven laps left and this time Marcos quickly got the lead and behind him loads of cars were spinning out at various corners and the end of the lap the caution came out for J.R. Fitzpatrick that would not start again.


The green flag drops again with four laps left.  Marcos quickly get the lead and Andrew Ranger was able to pass Kyle for the second.  A lot more cars behind them wreck, but no caution comes out.  On the next lap though the caution came out yet again for more wrecking cars.


This brought out the green/white checker finish.  Marcos again gets the lead quickly.  Carl gets a little funky in turn one causing a mess load of cars to wreck including Kyle.  Carl did get into second place.  Carl was closing in big time on the final lap and on the final turn Marcos winds up hitting the rumble strips.  That slowed him up so much that Carl was able to get the lead of the race and finally win it.

Kyle though wound finishing in 10th place.


Marcos stated that he made one mistake and it cost him the race.


"The car was fast all weekend long," said Andrew Ranger.


"I feel good," said Carl Edwards.  He stated that it makes its special to be able to pass Marcos and that Andrew has a future in NASCAR.


At the end of the race Carl was able to get to under 200 points to the leader in points Kyle Busch.

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