The Pit Stop

August 17, 2009 10:16 PM

Michigan Thoughts....

The Nationwide Series race sure had some fireworks at the end of it.  I would not mind seeing a brawl after the end to a race even if it is totally unsportsmanlike.  Vickers did everything he could to win that race.

That Sprint Cup race sure did have its own fireworks.  Nice to see Red Bull finally win a race.

Mark Martin should have never gone without taking fuel late in the race.  He was too close to 12th place in the points to do it.  After the end of the race he is now 12 points from 13th spots.  I guess that if he took fuel on the last caution he would have finished 14th.  That would have given him an extra 51 points towards making the chase.

Jimmie Johnson though could have gambled on fuel.  It did not work, but at the end of the race he is still third place in points and is very safe to making the chase.

Brian Vickers does not have a contact yet, does the win boost up his contract offer for Red Bull???

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