The Pit Stop

August 16, 2009 10:57 PM

Red Bull gets first win.

Sprint Cup drivers were back to Sunday racing this time after two weeks on Monday action for the Carfax 400.  Brian Vickers who is always fast in qualifying wound up getting another poll at this race track.

"We have a good racecar," said Brian Vickers.  Greg Biffle stated that he had a good racecar.  "Car is strong," said Mark Martin.  Denny Hamlin stated that his not going to be doing any points racing today.  Carl Edwards stated that his car was fast in the final two practices.  

Rain though had almost no chance to fall, but Mother Nature did not care for a couple pieces of the race though.

At the drop of the green flag it was Mark Martin taking the lead of the race.  Green flag racing continued until lap 7 as a pop up shower occurred brining out the caution flag.  On the next lap the red flag came out as the rain came down really hard for around one minute.

Around 20 minutes of red flag time went down before drivers got back out onto the track.  The cars in the back all came down for service.  This led to the first long green flag run of the day.

Mark Martin continued to lead until Jimmie Johnson took over the lead on lap 24.  The green flag pit stops started to occur on lap 40 and after the end of the green flag stops Denny Hamlin was the leader for a short time.

On the next lap it was Jimmie Johnson back in the lead. Then on lap 54 the caution comes out for Robby Gotdon who blew a tire.  The caution brought in all the leaders and Mattk Kenseth won the race off pit road as he did a two-tire stop.

After the green flag dropped Matt did not have the lead for a long period of time and it was Jimmie Johnson back in the lead on lap 65.   Mark Martin though was moving his way back up to second place.  At lap 87 it was Dale Jr. coming down pit road a few lap early to fix a vibration in a tire.

At lap 94 green flag pit stops started to occur again and after they ended Jimmie was back in the lead once again.   Green flag racing continued until the next caution came out on lap 116 for debris.

The leaders pit and Tony Stewart wins the race off pit road as he was the only car in the top 10 to take two tires.

The green flag dropped on lap 120 and Jimmie Johnson was able to win the lead of the race, but in the back on the next lap Kurt Busch and David Ragan get together to bring out the caution. Kurt wound up with the worst of the damage.

This time when the green flag dropped Tony Stewart won the race to first place, but could not hold it as he lost it on the next lap to Jimmie.  Tony then started to fall back all the way seventh as the caution came out on lap 132 as David Ragan spins out by the start/finish line.

Cars in the back pit while the cars up front excluding Tony Stewart stay out.  The green flag drops and Jimmie win the race to first again.

At lap 143 it was Juan Pablo Montoya coming down to fix a flat tire that was caused by a hit from the Kasey Kahne car.  It put him back to 35th spot and then on lap 146 the caution came out again for an even smaller pop up shower.

Most all of the leaders come in for fuel and Brian Vickers takes the lead off pit road as he only takes on two tires.  Cars staying out for track position included Dale Jr. and David Reutimann.   

After the green flag dropped again Dale Jr. was able to keep the lead of the race while Joey Logano who also stayed out moved to second place.  With 43 laps left David Stremme spins out to put Juan Pablo Montoya back on the lead lap.

This caution brought in around half of the cars on the lead lap.  Cars staying out included Brian Vickers and Jimmie Johnson.  The Green flag drops and Brian Vickers wound up winning the fight for first place.  With 35 laps left though Jimmie was back in the lead again.  

With 25 laps left it was Jimmie Johnson and Brian Vickers in the top two, but both are tight on fuel.

With 15 laps left Dalr Jr. with no fuel problems was the fastest car on the track picking off almost a half a second a lap on Jimmie.  Three laps later and Brian was closing in on Jimmie for the lead.  Dale Jr. moved into fourth with 10 laps left.

With three laps left Jimmie comes down pit road for fuel.  This left Brian Vickers in the lead and had enough fuel to win the race.  It is the first win for Toyota at the track.
Mark Martin was a driver to run out of fuel on the last lap and finished 31st.

"I'm so proud of this Red Bull group," said Brian Vickers.

 Jimmie Johnson stated that he always has trouble saving fuel. He wound up finishing 31st.

Jeff Gordon stated that he was not as fast as Brian and Jimmie.

In points Tony Stewart moved to a 286 point lead over new second place race Jeff Gordon. Moving down to twelfth place was Mark Martin who is now only 12 points back of Brian Vickers for the thirteenth spot.

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