The Pit Stop

September 12, 2009 2:45 AM

Carl Edwards wins the race...

The Nationwide Series drivers are back for some Friday night racing for the Virginia 529 College Savings 250. A few hours earlier Denny Hamlin won the poll foe the race.

Denny stated that he does not how the car is going to perform tonight.  "Really good in race trim," said Kevin Harvick.

"We can't give up any points," said Carl Edwards.  Carl qualified the car in 39th, but did some changes to his car so he has to start dead last.

At the start of race it was not long before the caution flag came out as Matt Carter, Kevin Lepage and other cars got involved in a wreck.

That led to a good green flag run that lasted until lap 41 as Shelby Howard winds up smashing into the wall.  This brought in the leaders and Brad Keselowski won the race off pit road.

This led to the first long green run where Carl Edwards kept on picking off positions and finally got into tenth place on lap 72 while Brad was still leading.   Then Kyle Busch started to be faster the long the run went and finally took the lead on lap 112.

The next caution finally came out on lap 126 for debris.  The leaders pitted and Kyle Busch was able to get the lead of the race.  Carl Edwards was able to come out in third place.

This time we only got a short green flag run this time and on lap 137 it was Jason Leffler blowing a tire.  On pit road he wound up leaving his pit stall too soon and a tire on his car fell off.

The green flag dropped again and on lap 144 Denny Hamlin took over the lead.  With 75 laps left it was Denny in the lead with Carl Edwards in second and chasing down Denny Hamlin.  With 68 laps left he was right behind him taking a shot for the lead.

With 50 laps left Kevin Harvick joined the fight for the lead.  Kevin took the lead and in a couple laps Denny gets so loose he winds up hitting into Kevin Harvick.  That helped cause a tire to go down and also go one lap down as well.   

Carl Edwards was then back chasing down Kevin Harvick for the lead of the race.  The debris caution on the night came out around 225.  The leaders all came in for service with Carl Edwards wining the race off pot road with Kevin Harvick out in second.

The green flag dropped and Carl quickly took the lead of the race. Carl slowly built up his lead as the laps went down on his way to the win of the race.

"The pit stops were awesome," said Dan Stillman who is the crew chief for Carl Edwards.

"My guys did great," said Carl Edwards.  He stated that he has to run like this to catch Kyle.

"We gave it everything," said Kyle Busch who finishes in third.

"Had a lot of fun tonight," said Kevin Harvick.

Carl Edwards winds up picking up 21 points on Kyle but is still 201 points back to Kyle.

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