The Pit Stop

September 13, 2009 4:31 AM

Denny Wins, Kyle Just misses chase.

Sprint Cup drivers are in the final race before the chase with three drivers on the outside looking to get one of the final spots in the chase.  Mark Martin, who is close to not even making the chase, won the poll the Saturday night event.

"We got a good car," said Mark Martin. "Car was good enough yesterday," said Kasey Kahne.  "Hopefully it goes smoothly" said Tony Stewart.

Rain fell on the track in the 6PM hour kicking the start of race back 15 minutes, but no competition is going to fall.

At the drop of the green flag racing did not last long.  Denny Hamlin got the lead on lap 4, but on the next lap Scott Speeds spins out to bring out the first caution on the night.

This led to a good green flag run that lasted until lap 45 where Reed Sorenson and Tony Stewart spin out. This caution brought in all the leaders and Denny Hamlin won the race off pit road.

The green flag drops for a short green flag run and on lap 58 it was Regan Smith spinning out.  The caution brought in cars in the back for service.  After the green flag dropped on lap 67 it was Jeff Gordon taking over the lead of the race.

Green flag racing continued until a debris caution came out on lap 107.  The leaders pit and Matt Kenseth blows his pit stall cause Michael Waltrip to have come back around to finally pit.  Jeff Gordon took the lead at the drop of the green flag.

Jeff kept the lead until Denny took it back on lap 151.  Green flag racing continued until lap 172 for another debris caution.  This caution brought in the leaders and Jeff Gordon won the race off pit road.  

During this green flag run Denny and Jeff swapped the lead a couple times and then at lap 204 Regan Smith blew a tire to bring out the next caution.  Denny Hamlin this time was able to win the race off pit road.  

After the green flag dropped Denny quickly gets the lead.   He kept on leading laps until the caution finally came out on lap 279 for Martin Truex Jr. who smacked the wall.  The leaders pitted and Denny won the race off pit road again.

With 100 laps left Denny was leading Jeff by around 1 second.  With 83 laps left Jeff Burton blows a tire and then two more laps go by and the caution comes out.  The leaders come in and Denny was the best again off pit road.

At the drop of the green flag Jeff got a bad restart and dropped a few spots.  Then in the back Michael Waltrip crashes to bring out the caution.  At the drop of the green flag Denny took the lead again with Mark Martin in second.   With 30 laps nothing changed at the top.

Around 20 laps to go and the caution comes out as Brad Keselowksi and his engine goes bye-bye.  The leaders came down one more time with Denny winning the race off pit road.  During this round of pit stops Tony Stewart left his pits, hit a crew member from the David Reuitmann team and sent a tire going down pit road.

The green flag drops again and Denny won the race to first with Kurt Busch getting second.   Denny continued on to finally win the race.

During the whole race it was Brian Vickers and Kyle Busch stuck around 6-15th place in the standings and swapping the final chase spot a whole mess load of times.   Vickers though was behind Kyle in the standings for most of whole race.  With 62 laps left though Vickers passed Kyle.  Then Kyle started to drop back in the field.  During the final caution Kyle was able to beat Brian by one spot on pit road.  At the restart Vickers lost a couple of spots, but was able to get one back and make the chase.  Matt Kenseth who had the last place spot in the chase going into the race was junk from the start and never could get anything going.

"They better watch us," said Denny on the other drivers in the chase.

"I'm so proud of everybody," said Brian Vickers.

"It is a conglomerate of points we sacrificed all year," said Kyle Busch on missing the chase by 8 points.  "We just need to work on the consistency."

Matt Kenseth said that he is really disappointed in not making the chase.

"Really good to be in the top five all night," said Mark Martin.

In points Mark Martin starts the chase in first with Tony Stewart in second. .  He also stated that anyone can win the chase.

Jeff Gordon said that this was best car here in a long time.

Tony Stewart said it is an "awesome feeling" on two cars from his team being in the chase.

In points Mark Martin starts the chase in first with Tony Stewart in second.

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