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September 12, 2009 5:18 PM

ESPN news and Some thoughts on the RPM/Yates Racing merger of sorts...

David Newton of ESPN is reporting tgar Richard Petty Motorsports is doing a more of a buyout than a merger of Yates Racing.

My thoughts on this major news:

If Richard Petty Motorsports wants to move over to Fords for 2010 I am okay with that.  If they want to get engines from Yates Racing, I am fine with that as well.   What I will not be happy with is if both teams come together as one.

I know Dodge is hurting like all car manufactures in the NASCAR series, but Dodge should be giving them the proper support they need to race.  Richard Petty Motorsports has Kasey Kahne who is chase participant right now with one race to go.

Without RPM Dodge is left with Penske as the flagship Sprint Cup team and what ever small minor teams that decide to race in the series.  That is not good at all.

If both teams do join forces more people will be without a job which is no good. NASCAR looses two more full time teams if they did get funding for the 2010 season.  Right now NASCAR is barley getting more than 43 cars a week to qualify.

This merger if it occur will be a merger of previous mergers. Let me explain.  Yates Racing right now is one car driving by Paul Menard and one extra car that came from Hall of Fame Racing which for most of the year is driven by Bobby Labonte.  Richard Petty Motorsports on the other hand was a merger of Petty Enterprises that at one point had Bobby Labonte and Kyle Petty as drivers with the merger of Gilette Evernham Motorsports which had drivers of Elliott Sadler, Kasey Kahne.

I do not like all of this team merging.  it is not helping NASCAR at all even though we have had a bunch of small minor teams come in this year to attempt to make races.  I hope the economy come back big enough and soon enough so no more mergers occur.  

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