The Pit Stop

September 6, 2009 2:33 AM

Harvick Dominates at Atlanta.

The Nationwide series drivers get to try out the Atlanta track for the first time ever for the Degree V12 300.  Earlier in the day Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the poll for this event.

Kasey Kahne said that it is going to be loose tonight. Brad Keselowski said he is still "pretty optimistic" on winning the championship. Dale Earnhardt Jr. says that the top of the track is till going to work.

Carl Edwards stated that if he takes it easy he will be okay.  Earlier in the week he injured his foot and has Matt Kenseth as a backup driver if he can't finish the race.

At the drop of the green flag it took only six laps before Kevin Harvick had the lead of the race.  Green flag racing then occurred for almost 20 laps and the Brendan Gaughan blows a tire to bring out the first caution of the day.  

This brought in all the leaders where Kyle Busch was able to win the race off pit road.  Green flag racing lasted around ten lap and Jeremy Clements and his car brings out the caution.

The leaders stay out and we start a very long green flag run.  At the drop of the green flag Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick battle for the lead.  After a few laps kyle won the lead for a few and then it was Kevin getting it back and breaking out to a big lead.

At lap 85 Trevor Bayne blows a tire, but was able to get his car down pit road for service. On the next lap it was Kevin Harvick come down for service.  He get the lead back after pit stops cycled through.  By this time fewer than 15 cars were on the lead lap.

At lap 108 Carl Edwards who hanging around eighth place goes down a lap.  With 71 laps left the caution finally came out with only 5 cars left on the lead lap.  Kyle Busch in second place at the time of the caution was 6 seconds back of Kevin and Kevin was close to putting a couple more cars a lap down.

This caution brought in the leaders and it was Kyle Busch winning the race off pit road. The green flag drops and Kelly Bires and his cars is smoking badly, but the caution does not come out.

Another battle for the lead occurs between Kyle and Kevin with Kyle winning the battle.  With 49 laps to go Kevin Harvick finally got the lead back and started to break out into another big lead.  Kevin busted out to a seven second plus lead over Kyle with 20 laps left.

With 14 laps left Kyle comes in for four tires.  One lap later and Kevin does the same thing, but looses a couple seconds on his lead due to some jack problems. This put Dale Jr. in the lead of the race with a 7 second plus lead over Brad Keselowski.

Kevin was busting out laps 2 seconds plus faster than Dale and moved into second place with six laps left.  With 5 left Dale and his lead was under 5 seconds.  With 2 laps left the lead was down to 1 second.  Then Kyle and Kevin both pass Dale putting him down to third.  

Kevin went on to win the race while Dale was able to save enough fuel to finish the race in third.  

Kevin Harvick stated that Kyle was a little bit better on the short runs and that he thought that everyone had to pit.  .

"Seventh is nor what we came here to do," said Carl Edwards.

"I didn't know where he was," said Dale on Kevin Harvick.  "Best run I had in a while in this series."

Kyle Busch stated that his car was "really good," but "Kevin Harvick was gone."

Kyle was able to stretch his lead over Carl Edwards to 221 points.

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