The Pit Stop

September 1, 2009 12:17 AM

Montreal and Bobby Labonte thoughts...

I do not like the Bobby Labonte decision at all.  The economy fully sucks and it is hard to get sponsorship dollars right now and I feel he should be in the car until the end of the season.

Bobby right now is 30th place in the points which is not great at all and I am not so sure Erik is going to improve things either. Erik is going to get some quality seat time, but no 2010 team is going to hire him without proper sponsorship.

The Montreal race was just strange.  A lot of cautions up front which was not great.  Then we finally get some good green flag racing.  Then more cautions.

I loved that we got to finish the race with the rain tires, but it seemed that it just did not rain hard enough to wet the track big enough to make the rain tires really super.  All we got at the end was just more cautions.

And those caution laps just seemed to go on for ever and ever.  The cars were just going sooooooo slow during them.

Marcos Ambrose had the car to beat all day and then on the last lap he beat himself by going on the rumble strips. Man did that blow.

How about Andrew Ranger in the #88 Nationwide Series car next year???  Just an idea....

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