The Pit Stop

October 11, 2009 12:26 AM

The championship fight closes.

The Nationwide Series made it out to California for the Copart 300.   Winning the poll for the race was Joey Logano with Kyle Busch sitting along side of him.  Kyle Has the flu and has Denny Hamlin waiting for him as a backup driver.

"Really excited about today," said Joey Logano.  Carl Edwards said that he has a great Valvoline car today.  Trevor Bayne stated that you have to roll it more into the corners.

The green flag drops and Kyle Busch wound up taking the lead on lap three.  He wound up leading the race until the caution for debris came out on lap 38 which was very close to the start of green flag pit stops.  During this caution Kyle Busch made the driver exchange to Denny Hamlin.  Denny was able to stay on the lead lap, but fell back 24th spot.

"Car was really good," said Kyle Busch.  He stated that that he wanted to save himself for the 500 miles tomorrow and that the increasing temperatures in the car caused him to not see straight.

Joey Logano was able to win the race off pit road.  After the green flag dropped Joey started to fall back.   Steven Wallace and Brian Scott wound up getting a pass through penalty for passing cars before the start/finish line.

Greg Biffle took over the lead of the race for a while then at lap 61 Kevin Harvick took over the lead of the race until the next caution came out around lap 70.  This caution brought in the leaders and Greg Biffle won the race off pit road.  Denny Hamlin lost some spots as he had to back his car up to work on the driver side tires.

The green flag drops again and Greg Biffle wins the race to first.  Then Carl Edwards marched his way to the front to lead a few laps and on lap 83 Jason Leffler spun his car out.  This caution brought in cars in the back of the lead lap.  Denny Hamlin was back up to fifth spot at the time of this caution.

At the drop of the green flag Brad Keselowski won the race to first place.  As the green flag laps went on Denny Hamlin moved his way up to second place.  The caution came out on lap 101 as Morgan Shepherd and his engine blows up.

The leaders pitted and Brad Keselowski won the race off pit road.  After the green flag dropped Denny Hamlin won the race to first with Brad right behind him.  

Green flag racing did not long and Matt Carter wound up hitting the wall a few laps later.  When green flag racing continued Denny Hamlin took the lead of the race again.

With 31 laps to go though it was Kevin Conway bringing out the caution for a blown tire.  The green flag dropped with 26 laps left, but racing did not last long at all.  In the back John Wes Tonwley and Jason Leffler get together.  In a separate incident Justin Allgaier winds up blowing a tire.

The green flag drops with 22 laps left and Carl Edwards tries to go three wide to take the lead of the race, but it did not work and Denny took the race lead.  With 20 laps left though it was another caution brought out by Jason Leffler.

The green flag dropped with 16 laps left and it was Denny Hamlin finally winning the race off pit road.  With 11 laps left Brad got really close to the lead, but could not take it.

On the next lap Greg Biffle wanted to make it three wide of the lead, but it did not work at all as Greg, who was right up against the wall, and Denny wind up crashing.  Greg was able to continue on, while Denny took his car behind the wall.

Denny stated that everyone was going for a win right there and that if he kept his line low that Brad would have taken him out.

The green flag drops with five laps left and Brad gets a bad restart.  This put Joey Logano back in the lead.  With four laps left it was Scott Speed crashing to bring out another caution.

The green/white flag drops and Carl Edwards has an awful restart causes a massive bottleneck in the field.  Brad Keselwoski withy nowhere to go helped out with the bottlenecking of the field. This caused Joey Logaon to easily win the race.

"You can never put the twenty team down," said Joey Logano.  

"I pushed the throttle a little to hard," said Carl on the final restart. "Best we run in a long time."

This race wound up closing the gap in the championship fight big time.  Carl is now only 155 points back of Kyle.  Brad is only 227 points back of the lead.

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