The Pit Stop

October 4, 2009 10:28 PM

Tony Takes the race...

Sprint Cup drivers are at Kansas for their once a year race.  Mark Martin picked up the poll for this event, his seventh of the year.

Joey Logano says that he feels his car is decent. "It's okay," said Mark Martin on his car.  "Just a great all-around race track," said Jeff Gordon.  Denny Hamlin said that he is going to be patient as he moves his way to the front.

At the drop of the green flag we got two quick cautions.  Joey Logano spun out his car on lap 2 and on lap 7 it was a five car pile up as Paul Menard spins out and then David Ragan, Michael Waltrip, and Bobbby Labonte get together.

This finally led to the first long green flag run of the day.   This time Dale Earnhardt got the lead of the race while Mark Martin slowly dropped back.  Jimmie Johnson though was slowly moving his way up to the front of the field.

Green flag pit stops started around lap 53.  During these green flag pit stops Dale Jr. wound up missing a lug nut which sent him one lap down and Carl Edwards wound up exiting pit road too fast which caused him to go one lap down. Brad Keselowski wound up leading one lap before Jimmie Johnson took over the lead again.

The caution finally comes out on lap 70 for Reed Sorenson who hit the wall.  The leaders pitted and Greg Biffle won the race off pit road.  This led to another long green flag run.  Greg led the race until Jimmie Johnson took over the lead on lap 102.  

Green flag racing continues and another round of green flag stops occur on lap 124.  The caution though comes out two laps later for Brian Vickers who pins out.  Greg Biffle though pitted right before the caution comes out and was able to keep the lead of the race.  Jimmie Johnson though wound up restarting the race second after he won the race off pit road.

It did not take long after the green flag dropped and Jimmie was back in the lead of the race.   At lap 136 it was Matt Kenseth going down pit road for engine problems and then took the car behind the wall.  "Thought we had a pretty good car," said Matt Kenseth.

Green flag racing continued until lap 148 and then it was Elliott Sadler bringing out the caution as he spins out.  This put Carl Edwards back on the lead lap.  The leaders pitted and Greg Biffle with two tires wins the race off pit road.  Jimmie Johnson took four tires and restarted the race around tenth.

During this long green flag run it was chase drivers all in the top five spots with Greg leading the way.  Around lap 201 it was another round of green flag stops.  After pit stops cycled though Greg was back in the lead with Jimmie Johnson around 6th.

With 44 laps left around the fifth place spot Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon and Juan Montoya got three wide for the position with the lapped car of Elliott Sadler making things a bigger mess.

With 32 laps left Dale Jr. and his car was on pit road and on the next lap the caution came out due to fluids from Dale and his car on the racetrack.  This killed a six second lead for Greg Biffle.

Dale Jr. stated that he had a top ten car.

Tony Stewart won the race off pit road by taking 2 tires, Jimmie Johnson also taking two tires came out in third spot.

At the drop of the green flag Tony Stewart won the race to first with Greg Biffle and his four fresh tires quickly getting second.  Jimmie Johnson started to slowly move backwards.

With fewer than 20 laps to Jeff Gordon was the fastest car on the track and made the move into second place with 13 laps left.  With 11 laps left Tony Stewart had just over 1 second lead on Jeff Gordon.  As the laps ticked down Jeff was getting closer and closer to Tony.

With less than five laps though Tony was able to maintain his lead and win the race.

"Just an awesome day," Tony Stewart.  He stated that he still has a shot at this championship.

"We were really far off at the beginning of the race," said Jeff Gordon.  He stated that this is the type of finished he needed.

Jimmie Johnson said he had a such a fast car and taking two tires was the right thing to do.  

At the end of the race it was Mark Martin was able to slightly extend his lead in the points top 18 over Jimmie Johnson.  Juan Pablo Montoya moved only 51 points back of the leader in points.

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