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January 16, 2010 3:01 PM

First Set Of Sprint Cup Driver Previews...

This is going to be my first list of many before the start of the NASCAR season.  I am going from the 00 car of David Reutimann to the 19 car  of Elliott Sadler and these cars I expect to go the full season.

00--David Reutimann--Michael Waltrip Racing

Had a break out season in 2009 with one win and ten top ten finishes.    Aaron's, Tums, Best Western and other companies will be his sponsor for the full season.  I say he can improve even from last year.  I say he gets another win and around 15 top ten finishes.  Hr will finishes 11-13th place in the points at the end of the year.

1--Jamie McMurray--Earnhardt Ganassi Racing

Martin Truex Jr. had this car last year and only had six top tens in it.  Jamie though picked up one win in 2009.  Bass Pro Shops will sponsor this car for half a season at the very least.  I say Jamie can get 7-10 top tens in this car and finish around 20-23rd place in the points.

2--Kurt Busch--Rodger Penske

For the 2009 season he picked up 21 top ten finishes and 2 wins to go with his fourth place in the points.  Miller Light will be back to sponsor this car for the full season. I think he will get around 20 top ten finishes, a couple a wins and a 3-5th place finish in the points at the end of the year.

5--Mark Martin--Rick Hendrick

Picked up five wins and 21 top ten finishes on his way to a second place finish in the points., Delphi, and CarQuest will help sponsor this car.  I say he will pull in another 20-25 top tens in 2010 and get at most five wins as well.  He will finish 1st-3rd in the points.

 6--David Ragan--Roush Fenway

Picked up only 2 top tens in a poor effort from him in 2009 with a 27th place finish in the points.  The UPS company will be back to sponsor him this year.  I see him getting around 5 top tens in 2010.  He will finish 24-27th place in the points.

9--Kasey Kahne--Richard Petty Motorsports

He finished 10th place in the points with a couple of wins and 14 top ten place finishes in 2009 Budweiser will be back to sponsor his team.  I say he can get a win 2010, but no more than ten top ten finishes.  He will finish 14-16th place in the points.

11--Denny Hamlin--Joe Gibbs Racing

Denny finished fifth place in the points with four wins and 20 top ten place finishes. Fed Ex will be back to sponsor this car.  I feel he can get 3-4 wins with 17-20 top tens and finish 5-7th place in the points.

12--Brad Keselwoski--Rodger Penske

In fifteen Sprint Cup starts in 2009 he was able to pull in four top tens along with one victory.  Verizon will be his sponsor.  I think he will pull in 10-15 top tens place finishes. He will finish 20-25th place in the points.

14--Tony Stewart--Stewart HAAS racing

He was able to finish 6th place in the points for the 2009 season.  Tony picked up four wins and 23 top tens.  I say he even has a better 2010 season with 5-7 wins and 23-25 top tens.  He will finish 1st-3rd place in the points.  Office Depot, Old Spice, and Burger King will sponsor his car.

16--Greg Biffle--Roush Fenway

Greg finished seventh in the points with sixteen top tens, but now wins.  I say he picks up one win with no more than 15 top tens.  He will finish 8-11th place in the points.  3M will be back to sponsor this car.

17--Matt Kenseth--Roush Fenway

Started the 2009 season with two wins and then wound up to finish 14th place in the points.  Crown Royal, Valvoline, and other companies are going to sponsor this car.  I see him with no more than 15 top tens and no more than one win.  He will finish 14-16th place in the points.

18--Kyle Busch--Joe Gibbs Racing

He had four wins in 2009, but still wound up 13th place in the points.  I am looking for him to rebound a bit and could wind up making the chase.  I see him getting five wins 2010 with around 15 top tens.  He will finish 11-12th place in the points.  M&M's will be back along with other sponsors for his car.

19--Elliott Sadler--Richard Petty Motorsports

Finished 26th place in the points with only 5 top tens.  Stanley Tools is going to be sponsoring this car.  I do not see him really doing any better in 2010.  He will have around 5 top tens and finish 24-27th place in the points.

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