The Pit Stop

January 13, 2010 7:05 PM

Some news and my first RANT at this place.

ESPN this is going to be airing 9 out of the 10 chase races this year.

The first Phoenix International Raceway of the year is now going to be called the Subway Fresh Fit 600 now.  That now mean the race will be 375 total laps instead of the usual 312.

A sotra quicky rant:

Come on people, is their really a difference between ABC and ESPN when it comes airing sports????  The announcers will be the same, the camera angles will be the same, the reporting will be the same, drivers and cars will be the same, etc....

What will ABC air in that same time slot that will pull in enough ratings each week though???  Golf without Tiger Woods going for a win tanks in the ratings, ABC does not have Sunday NFL games to air.  Sunday is for bowling on ESPN when it airs, but that will never get the ratings NASCAR does.  NBC owns Olympic coverage so that is like out of the question right now.

ESPN does have the NBA, but regular season ratings are worse than a NASCAR race.

With Cable you have fewer viewers for ESPN than ABC, this will only further kill ratings for NASCAR. NASCAR needs all the help it can get.

Chase races are like NFL playoff matchups, you do not see NFL playoff games on cable do you???  Why can't the end of the season for NASCAR be the same.

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