The Pit Stop

February 22, 2010 5:47 PM

California Thoughts.....

Nationwide Series Thoughts:

The finish sure was wild and sure it what we want to see in races.

Danika though did the best she could with her car.  She started off with a junky car, but it did get better as the race went on.  She is someone that needs more time in the car to see what it does on the track, to get more of a feel for the car by herself and in traffic.

Sprint Cup Thoughts:

This race was not as good as the Saturday race.

Two weeks in a row for a solid Scott Speed finish, Good for him.

Jimmie got lucky again and wins another race.

Gillian Zucker Thoughts:

Gillian is out trying to defend the California race track and the two race dates the track has.

Even though  she is the track president it is very hard for her to defend a second race date at this track.  Those stands at the track are not full at all and have not been full for years.

Maybe with one race date at that California track the stands will be more fuller.

Kansas and Kentucky always get looked at for replacements for the California track, but I say Iowa needs the date the most.  Give it to a track that is less than one mile long imo.


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