The Pit Stop

February 15, 2010 5:23 PM

Daytona Thoughts

Thumbnail image for nascar_daytona_500_auto_racing_dbr130.jpgBoy did that one pothole really ruin the flow of the race, but the fans at the track though stayed until the end.

It seemed like it took forever to fix the hole the first time.  Then it got even worse the second time.  Not much you can you do, Mother Nature helped caused that pothole.

The track surface is old and I do not think it needs to be changed, but that one area where the pothole was may have to be totally removed and replaced.

The racing though at the end of it was really solid and really wild.  It sure did make up for the pothole problems they had.

I loved that Jamie McMurray won the race. He really deserved the win.

The multiple green/white idea is a good one, I just hope we do not get a 3 hour finish for the rule due to mother nature.

The Nationwide Series race though also had some great action.

Danika had a great car after she got the lucky dog pass, but a big wreck finished her day.


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