The Pit Stop

February 21, 2010 7:09 PM

Jimmie Gets First Win Of Season

nascar_california_auto_racing_caag101.jpgSprint Cup drivers made their way back to California for the Auto Club 500. Jamie McMurray won the poll for this race. He took part of a very rare feat of winning the Daytona 500 and then starting on poll for the second race of the season. Green flag racing was the big item of the day. The first one lasted though the first round of green flag pit stops. During that time Juan Pablo Montoya started off leading laps while Jimmie Johnson was moving up to second place. Then Jimmie was chasing down Juan and passed him for the lead of the race on lap 30. The green flag pit stops started around lap 37. After pit stops were over Jimmie was back in the lead of the race, but it was Kevin Harvick that was now the faster car and started to catch Jimmie. Kevin got the lead around lap 55. The first caution though finally came out for debris on lap 57. This caution brought in all the leaders and Jimmie was able to get the lead of the race off pit road. This long green flag run saw more laps led by Kevin Harvick and Jimmie Johnson. The caution finally came out on lap 92 for a Kasey Kahne spin through the grass. The leaders pitted and Jimmie Johnson was able to keep the lead of the race again. This led to another long green flag run with Jimmie Johnson leading more laps and had a second round of green flag pit stops around lap 133. The third caution of the day finally comes out for Juan Pablo Montoya and his smoking car on lap 141. The caution only brought in most of the cars on the lead lap for service while Jeff Gordon, Sam Hornish Jr. and a few other cars stayed out. After the restart it was not long and Ryan Newman and his car went up in smoke big time to bring out the caution. The green flag dropped with 97 laps left and it was Jeff Burton getting the lead briefly before Kyle Busch came in to take it. Jeff Burton though with 85 laps was able to regain the lead again. With 71 laps to go cars that stayed out on the last caution came in for service. Around 67 laps to go and Dale Jr. comes in for service and he winds up with a rear axel problem. With 58 laps to go though as Denny Hamlin had the lead of the race rain started to fall on the race track. Scott Speed had the lead of the race for a few laps, but took it as far as he could go and came down for service with 52 laps left. The green flag finally dropped with 50 laps left with Jeff Burton in the lead. In the back it got super crazy and it would up with Denny Hamlin blowing a tire. With 39 laps left it was Clint Boyer on pit road for an overheating racecar. 28 laps to go and a couple cars come down for service, then on the next lap around the start/finish line it was Brad Keselowski spinning out to bring out the caution. Jimmie Johnson who pitted before the caution came out took over the lead of the race with Kevin Harvick in second. After the green flag dropped Jimmie quickly got a one second plus lead. Then Kevin Harvick and Jeff Burton started to get closer and closer to Jimmie. With five laps left Kevin was real close to Jimmie and was right behind him with 4 laps left. Kevin though trying to make the pass on Jimmie wound up hitting the wall disrupting him enough for Jimmie to win the race. "Things came our way," said Jimmie Johnson. He stated the caution gave him track position. This is the 48th win for Jimmie who drives the #48 car. Kevin Havrick stated that he lost the nose of his car and hit the wall. Jeff Burton stated that he likes to be loose. "Awesome for the whole Home Depot team," said Joey Logano on his fifth place finish.

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