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February 6, 2010 10:17 PM

Kevin Harvick Gets Back Into Victory Lane

capt.b23785d6e2e34e40802dc313dfec0473.nascar_daytona_auto_racing__fljb120.jpgCarl Edwards picked the poll winning the spot for the Budweiser Shootout, the kick off event to the 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup season. To get into the event you needed to be in the 2009 chase, past Sprint Cup champion, Rookie of the year, or a winner at Daytona.

The race is 75 laps long and split into two segments. Segment one is 25 laps which is followed by a 10 minute break where you can make changes to the car. The final segment is 50 laps long to complete the race.

During the first segment it was all Carl Edwards as he led all the laps in the first segment. Tony Stewart was the closest to leading a lap, but could not do it. At the end of the segment Tony Stewart made a bold move through the middle of Jamie McMurray and Kasey Kahne. Then it was Michael Waltrip spinning out to end the segment.

The second segment started out with a battle for the lead between Jamie McMurray and Carl Edwards. Jamie won the battle after a couple laps and took the lead of the race. It did not last long as he got stuck in the middle and started to go back.
With 43 laps left the first caution of the second segment came out as Kurt Busch with help from Mark Martin takes a speedy ride through the grass and then smacks into the wall. "I thought I was in the high lane," said Kurt.

This caution brought in all cars but Michael Waltrip for service. Carl Edwards with four tires and fuel won the race off pit road.
After we got back to green flag racing it did not last too long. Kyle Busch hit Jeff Burton to almost crash and then with 36 laps to go a tire blew on the Jeff Burton car brining out the caution.

This time when the green flag dropped it was Tony Stewart getting the lead of the race and was successful in holding Carl from taking the lead back. Tony had the lead for a couple laps and then it was Kevin Harvick in the lead.

With 26 laps left Juan Pablo Montoya gets Carl Edwards loose which sent him straight to the back. With fewer than 20 laps left it was Mark Martin and his car having some problems.

With 15 laps Tony Stewart hit the wall, but was able to continue on and take the lead of the race. With 11 laps left Brian Vickers made it three wide causing Jamie McMurray to take the lead of the race. 

With six laps left it was a wall hit from Michael Waltrip to bring out the next caution on the night. John Andretti also wound up with damage from this caution. This caution brought in the leaders. Jami McMurray won the race off pit road with a two tire pit stop.

Greg Biffle and Kasey Kahne stay out. This brought out the green/white checker finish with Greg restarting the race on the outside. Kevin Harvick quickly went down low and took over the lead and then Greg Biffle spins out with some help from Jeff Gordon. Greg helped take out Mark Martin, Carl Edwards and more cars.

The win by Kevin marks the second in a row for him at this race, something only the fourth driver to do it.

Kevin Harvick thanked his team and called his car a rocket.

"Racing was good," said Kasey Kahne.

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