The Pit Stop

March 1, 2010 5:19 PM

Las Vegas Thoughts

NASCAR is out with a new rule today after the Las Vegas race and they are now going to be doing an inspection of the lowest finishing car that was not involved in a wreck.  If they take the engine apart the cost to rebuild will be 30,000.

I love this idea. This should make sure we have the cars that want to race and try to go the full distance.  NASCAR may have to go so far as to cut their pay check to start and park teams in order for them to finish more races.

Jimmie Johnson wins again and he showcasing again why he is that special of a driver.  The racing was boring at times as we had that one mega long green flag run.  Stinks that Jeff Gordon did not win, he had a solid car all day.

I will say again the Nationwide Series race was the better of races this weekend. 

Danika looked like an improved driver than last week.  She had a better car, but Michael McDowell killed her day.  He was already brought out one caution and then he caused another one.  I think she will learn from this.  She could of had two top 20 finishes by now if were not for wrecks.

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