The Pit Stop

March 8, 2010 5:13 PM

Monday Atlanta Thoughts...

Well the race was boring at times until the very end when Brad Keselowski wound up taking a major hit from Carl Edwards.  It took that race from tire problems over to something even bigger.

Carl Edwards was totally wrong in what he did at the end of the race.  We all know that Brad is the not the cleanest of drivers, but taking the guy out when you are over 100 plus lap down and nowhere in any position to pick up one spot was just insane.  Carl got lucky in that he did not injure and/or kill a fan in the stands.  If he did that he would have something major to live with for the rest of his life.  

We all know that Brad is a aggressive driver that can win races, but still has lots to learn when it comes to driving this car.

So this is the penalty I think NASCAR is going to hand out this week.

  • 100 point owner fine
  • 100 point driver fine
  • 100,000 dollar penalty
  • Carl Edwards on probation until the end of the season.
  • Park the 99 car for Bristol
  • Park Carl Edwards for Bristol as well.

If Carl Edwards does not get parked his penalty is practically worthless.


Yeah some of the teams wound up having tire problems on Sunday.  I do think that it had to do with the setup of the cars and how much angle the tire had on the track.

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