The Pit Stop

March 22, 2010 6:17 PM

Some Bristol Thoughts...

Boy could you easily see that the stands at Bristol on Sunday were not full.  The economy sure is hurting when Bristol can't get 160,000 fans.  One full section of nose bleed seats look fully empty. Still will probability be one of most attended races of the year.

I thought the racing was solid this week for both the Saturday and Sunday events.

The Sunday race was Kurt's to loose and the final cation did him in big time.  Jimmie got the better restart and blew by all the cars in front of him.

The only real reason that Brad Keselowski did not challenge Justin Allgaier at the end of the Saturday race is so another wreck did not occur.  After his mess with Carl Edwards as Atlanta he did not want to cause any more problems on the track.

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