The Pit Stop

April 16, 2010 5:28 PM

Fox Sports, Other News And One Extra Thought is now going to be having a special online after race programming starting this week.

The AP reports on Mark Martin going to drive the #5 car in 2011.

ESPN Reports on RPM that is going survive without Kahne.

Reed Sorenson is going to attempt the Sprint Cup race this week for Braun Racing in thew #32 car.

My One extra thought on the whole Kasey Kahne saga:

Could NASCAR come in with some new rules stating that one car owner in this case Rick Hendrick who can only have four drivers maximum driving in one race no matter how many different teams they are listed under.  In 2011 he is going to have five drivers signed up. NASCAR now has a limit where one car owner can only have four cars on the track at once. 

You can easily argue that Rick is getting around NASCAR rules by having Kasey Kahne drive in a car for another Sprint Cup team.  This would be an interesting scenario.  The new rule would certainly put owners on notice from getting too big.  I still say Kasey races for one season at Stewart Hass Racing, but this rule will be something that NASCAR will really have to look at. 

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