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April 15, 2010 5:28 PM

Kelly Bires And More Thoughts

Kelly Bires says he still feels disappointed over getting let go by JR. Motorsports.

I say he should feel more than disappointed. He should be angry.  This guy was signed to drive the car for a full year, but only winds up getting in five races before getting dumped.   He finished seventh, 42nd, 12th, 14th and 17th in his five starts which I do not think is that bad for a new driver.

Kelley Earnhardt can say it was chemistry issues that caused him to get fired, but how can find all that out in just five races???? The sponsor may not like finishing positions as much as I do, but not every driver is going to be hot right out of the gate.

Now they got Jamie McMurray in the car now.  What if Jamie does just as bad or even worse in the car than Kelly did??  The sponsor might go completely nuts.

On to the next topic of where does Kasey Kahne go in 2011.  The only logical choice is to Stewart Hass racing, right???  This will give Hendrick like five drivers for the 2011 season and will give Stewart Haas Racing a chance to get a real third team started for the 2012 season.  No way would Richard Childress imo go for Kasey just for one season.  No way do I think Kasey would drive for a start-and-park team either, but with Rick behind Kasey they would most likely have the sponsorship to run the full season and not be a start-and-park team.

But who gets to go into the #9 car for next year???  That is a big question.  Sponsorship dollars are still hard to come by and if RPM does not have enough for four cars it could become a three car team in 2011.  If it is a three car team next year could Elliott Sadler wind up in the #9 car, that is a possibility.  I do not think they pick up Kevin Harvick for the 2011 season, but I say his asking price has gone up in the past few days.  The only drivers left are up and coming drivers imo.  They could wind up pilfering Justin Allgaier from Penske and the Nationwide Series.  It is the only one I see worthy right now from that series in the car.  From the Truck Series  the only two they might go for are Aric Almirola and Tayler Malsam.

Onto the final topic of where does Mark Martin go in 2012.  With all the talk of Kasey going to Hendrick in 2012 not much talk at all on where Mark will go if he does not want to retire and still race.  Having a driver swap between Mark Martin and Kasey Kahne in 2011 at Stewart Hass racing may not be such a far fetched idea. 

Last year Mark finish 2nd place in the points, and this year early into the season he is 13th place in the points.  He still has what it takes to get in done and I highly doubt he will retire for the 2012 season.

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