The Pit Stop

April 21, 2010 5:15 PM

Major Penske Racing News

In major Penske Racing news it is announced that Kurt Busch is going to moving over to the #22 car for Penske next season and the sponsor is going to be Shell/Pennzoil. 

Brad Keselowski will be in the #12 car next season with the Miller Sponsorship.

Mobil1 sponsorship will be done at the end of the season for Sam Hornish Jr., but is expected to be back next year in the #77 car.

Richard Childress Racing has come out with their comments on the situation of loosing the Shell/Pennzoil sponsorship.

Here is my guess on who sponsors who:

Kevin Harvick gets the Budwesier Sponsorship.

If #9 car gets a good enough of a driver they will pick up Mobil1 sponsorship.  If not Mobil1 sponsorship will wind up with David Reutimann.

In some other news:

NASCAR has fined four drivers from the Monday race.

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