The Pit Stop

April 24, 2010 12:36 PM

NASCAR Has Decided Early...

today to say no to both the cup qualifying and the Nationwide Series race due to bad weather in the area.  If you have a Nationwide Series ticket you can get to watch the Sprint Cup race on Sunday in unassigned seating.

The Nationwide Series race is supposed to go on immediately after the Sprint Cup race and air on ESPN2.

This will putt Jimmie Johnson on the poll due to owners points with Matt Kenseth starting in second. 

In more news:

James Finch is looking to sell Phoenix Racing for the right price.

The 15/16th inch restrictor plate used in Talladega practice is the same one that is going to be used for the official race this weekend.

The track surface at Daytona is going to get repaved after the July Daytona race this year. 

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