The Pit Stop

April 26, 2010 5:58 PM

Sunday Racing Thoughts...

Wow!!!  That was some of the best restrictor plate racing in years in a Sprint Cup race.  So many lead changes, so much drama. The last lap pass, weather cars can go all the way on fuel, it was a classic.  Lets hope it carries over to the next one at Daytona.

They are going to be people that say three Green/white checker finishes for the Sprint Cup race was not the way to go, but at least NASCAR tried to get in a full final lap. I liked it and it certainly added in drama for the cars low on fuel.  

The Nationwide Series race did not disappoint either. That had some drama as well and the biggest wreck of the race where Dennis Setzer got into the catch fence.

Dale Jr. can say that a restrictor plate racing is like a lottery, but even the big wrecks can occur at any track.

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