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April 19, 2010 4:14 PM

What Bad knee??? Hamlin wins race

Sprint Cup drivers finally get to race in Texas after rain which would not stop pushed th race back to Monday. Tony Stewart has the poll for this race.

For the first 15 laps of the race it was Tony Stewart in the lead, then Greg Biffle passed Tony for the lead of the race on lap 16. The competition caution finally came out on lap 26. After all the cars on the lead lap pitted Tony Stewart was able to get the lead of the race back.

The green flag drop again and we get a long green flag run. Tony Stewart kept on leading the race until lap 48 as Jimmie Johnson took over the race lead. Jimmie Kept on leading lap until lap 76 as Dale Earnhardt Jr. finally lead the race as a couple cars including Kevin Harvick start green flag pit stops.

On lap 78 though it was Brian Vickers hitting the wall, but did not bring out the caution. He tried to make it top pit road but wound out spinning out to bring out the caution. The leaders pitted and Tony Stewart was able to win the race off pit road again.

Tony Kept on leading more laps and it was Brian Vickers at lap 100 with another tire problem as he brings out the caution again. The leaders pitted and with some two tires stops for a few drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr. took the lead of the race.

On the restart Dale quickly took the lead of the race while Jimmie Johnson with a slow start was concerned of a flat tire. At lap 113 though the caution comes out for Sam Hornish Jr. as he spins out, but he was able to keep it out of the wall. Some of the leaders pitted again, but Dale Jr. and other cars stay out. Jeff Burton though wound up getting a penalty for hitting the commitment cone, but staying out on the race track.

At the drop of the green flag Jamie McMurray was able win the fight for the lead of the race while Clint Boyer though who was one of the cars that did not pit wound up with a flat tire and had to come down pit road.

Dale then got hot again and took the lead back at lap 127. The Jeff Gordon and his car was hot enough to take the lead on lap 137. Jimmie Johnson though was getting hot and was back in the top five by lap 150. At lap 156 it was the start of green flag pit stops for some drivers. After pit stops ended Dale took the lead of the race back.

At lap 182 though Jeff Gordon was able to take the lead of the race again. At lap 200 though Jimmie Johnson with some help from some lapped traffic was able to get the lead of the race. A couple more laps go by and another round of green flag pits start occurring. At lap 205 though Jeff Gordon took the race lead again and started to break away from Jimmie.

At the end of the second round green flag pit stops on lap 221 Jimmie Johnson passed Dale Jr. for the lead of the race. At lap 126 though Jeff Gordon was back in the lead of the race. The caution finally comes out at lap 232 for Juan Pablo Montoya who hit the wall.

The caution brought in the leaders and some more two tire stops occurred with Tony Stewart taking the lead of the race back. With 95 laps to go Jeff Gordon took over second place from Jimmie Johnson. Both cars wound up hitting each other though causing a bit of a tire rub on Jimmie's car.

Jeff Gordon then started to run down Tony and got the lead back with 81 laps to go. With 62 laps to go Jimmie Johnson comes down for service to fix a flat tire. Jimmie came out in 19th place, the first car one lap down. Around 52 laps left and the next round of green flag pit stops started.

With 44 laps left it was Jeff Gordon in the lead with Jimmie Johnson in second place. Jeff Kept on leading more laps and with 23 laps left and it was the end for David Reutimann and his engine. This was a major break for Jimmie Johnson as he was going to run out of fuel with nine laps left. The leaders though pitted and Jeff Burton with no tires took the lead of the race.

The green flag drops with 19 laps left and it quickly got into a three wide racing for the lead of the race. A couple laps later and Carl Edwards winds up hitting Tony Stewart. That winds up taking out the cars of Jeff Gordon, Joey Logano, A.J. Allmendinger, Paul Menard, Jamie McMurray, Juan Pablo Montoya, and more. It brought out the red flag.
Tony Stewart stated that he got a bunch of crap on his tires and he started the wreck. Carl Edwards stated that he did not have not enough time. "We ran out of room," said Jeff Gordon.

After 18 minutes of red flag time the yellow flag came out. Joey Logano was able to continue in the race, but he was missing a whole load of sheet metal. With 12 laps left the green flag drops. Denny Hamlin was able to lead the lap as Jeff Burton started to fade back. Kyle Busch though was able to get in second place. With six laps left Matt Kenseth wound up with Tire problems. With three laps left though Jimmie Johnson who was super hot passed Kyle Busch for second place. On the final lap Jimmie was closing in, but only had enough time to get to the bumper of the Denny Hamlin car.

"Just a great day for out race team," said Denny Hamlin. "I knew when I came back I would be stronger."

Kyle Busch stated that he had a 10th to 13th place car today.

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