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May 30, 2010 10:44 PM

Kurt Takes The 600

Kurt Busch 2010 Coca Cola 600.jpg Sprint Cup Drivers are back again to Charlotte for the Coca-Cola 600. On Thursday night it was Ryan Newman picking up the poll for the event. The weather for this event was way better than the event held last year.

At the start of the race it went long term green. Ryan Newman held the lead of the race until Kurt Busch took over on lap 12.Kurt Busch kept on leading laps and the firs round of green flag pit stops started on lap 48. After they were over Kurt Busch was back into the lead. The first caution finally comes out on lap 61 as Juan Pablo Montoya spins out.

Denny Hamlin was the only lead car to not pit this time. Denny could not keep the lead at the drop of the green flag and out was Kurt Busch leading more and more laps. The second caution finally came out at 91 for Marcos Ambrose as he spins out.

The leaders pit and Jimmie Johnson with the hot pit stop wins the race off pit road. Jimmie led until lap 130 and then both Kurt and Kyle Busch passed him. Jimmie started to fade back big time. At lap 146 though it was another round of green flag pit stops. Kyle Busch wound up leading the race after the pit stops were over. The caution finally came out on lap 166 for the cars of Jimmie Johnson and Denny Hamlin that get together. Denny wound up having to go through the grass.

The caution saw the leaders come in to pit. Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski wound up hitting each other on pit road. Kyle also wound up with a speeding penalty on pit road. A.J. Allmendinger wound up with a tire violation penalty. Kurt Busch though wound up winning the race off pit road.

The next green flag run saw Kurt Busch lead even more laps and the caution finally comes out again on lap 213 foe debris. The leaders pit and Clint Boyer won the race off pit road this time.

Clint could not keep the lead ay the drop of the green flag and Kurt took it over again. At lap 235 it was Dale Earnhardt Jr. coming down pit road for service and had three different pieces of debris on his splitter. At lap 264 the green flag pit stops really got started.

The caution finally comes out on alp 272 for Jimmie Johnson who spins out again. At the time of the caution Matt Kenseth was in the lead of the race due to his earlier green flag pit stop.

Jimmie stated that he is going to have some "bad stretches."

This green flag run had more laps with Kurt in the lead of the race, but Jamie McMurray got hot and at lap 398 he charged his way to the lead of the race. Then Robby Gordon smacked the wall hard and helped bring out the caution with 100 laps to go.

The leaders pitted and the first none cars took only two tires with Kurt Busch winning the race off pit road. The green flag drops and it was not long before Greg Biffle hot the wall to bring out the caution.

Kurt quickly got the lead of the race and then it was Jamie getting hot again and started to chase down Kurt. It took until lap 339, but Jamie got the lead of the race back.

With 49 laps left green flag pit stops started. Dale Earnhardt Jr. got to lead some laps during this round of pit stops. He finally pits with 35 laps left and puts Jamie McMurray back in the lead of the race. The caution though finally comes out with 24 laps left as Marcos Ambrose crashes.

The leaders pit and Kurt Busch again was able to win the race off pit road. Jamie was able to come out in third spot. Jeff Gordon though takes the lead of the race as he did not pit.

The green flag drops and it quickly got back to Kurt Busch in the lead with Jamie in second. Jeff Burton though wound up with a flat tire.

With 10 laps left Kurt had a 1 second lead over Jamie, but Jamie was getting closer. Jamie got the lead back down to 1 second, but did not have enough time to catch Kurt as he takes the win.

Kurt Busch stated he wanted to his All-Star setup because it would be good at night. He also said that he was scared because his setup was good in the day as well.

Jamie McMurray stated that it took "25-35" laps to catch Kurt and then another 10 laps to pass him.

Jeff Burton stated that Kyle made it three wide on the restart.

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