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May 16, 2010 4:35 PM

Kyle Gets Easy Victory, Jimmie Blows Final Pit Stop

Kyle Busch Dover 2010.jpgOn a nice Sunday day the Sprint Cup drivers are at Dover for the Autism Speaks 400. Martin Truex Jr. was able to win his first poll of the year at this track.

At the drop of the green flag Kasey Kahne on the high side took the lead of the race. Jimmie Johnson started to get hot while Martin Truex Jr. slowly started to fade back to fifth. Jimmie was able to get the lead of the race on lap 26. The green flag racing continued until lap 54 as Sam Hornish Jr., winds up smacking into the wall.
The leaders pit and Jimmie was able to win the race off pit road. Kasey Kahne though wound up having to replace the shifter on his car which sent him to the back of the lead lap.

This led to one long green flag stint of racing. During this time A.J. Allmendinger got really hot and marched his way up to second place. Kyle Busch started to lead laps at lap 60 until he lost the lead back to Jimmie Johnson on lap 85. Green flag racing and the first round of green flag pit stops started at lap 124. A.J. Allmendinger wound up with a slow stop due to a lug nut problem. He lost around nine seconds to the leader Jimmie Johnson after all the pit stops ended.
The green flag racing continued as Jimmie Johnson kept on putting more cars one lap down. At lap 163 A.J. Allmendinger had to come down pit road to fix a vibration on one of his tires. It caused him to go two laps down. At lap 165 the caution finally came out as Marcos Ambrose hit the wall. The caution brought in the leader and Jimmie Johnson was able to keep the lead of the race.

The green flag drops and Kyle Busch was able to get the lead of the race. Kyle did not lead many laps though as Jimmie took it back on lap 176. A.J. though was mowing down the cars that were one lap down and at lap 194 was the first car one lap down.

At lap 224 though it was Marsos Ambrose again smacking into the wall to bring out the caution. This helped put A.J. Allmendinger back on the lead lap. The leader pit and Jimmie Johnson wins the race off pit road.

The green flag drops and Jimmie quickly takes the lead of the race as Jeff Burton has a slow restart. Kyle Busch though on lap 233 on the high side was able to get the lead of the race from Jimmie. He did not lead long and Jimmie took it back a couple laps later.

Green flag racing though only lasted until lap 24 for another Sam Hornish Jr. spin. Almost all then cars on the lead lap pit and Kyle Busch won the race off pit road. All the cars up front that pitted this time took only two tires. Matt Kenseth and Kurt Busch though stay out.

The green flag drops and Kurt Busch winds up with a slow restart. This caused Matt Kenseth to get away big time, but it also caused some three wide racing for a couple seconds for second place. At lap 260 Jimmie was finally able to get the lead again. One lap later and Jamie McMurray wound up with tire problems, but was able to make it to pit road and not bring out the caution. A.J. Allmendinger was still slowly marching his way up to tenth.

At lap 285 the caution came out again as Kurt Busch blew a tire big time. This time it was four tire stops this time. Clint Boyer though winds up leaving with the jack under his car.

Again after the green flag dropped Kyle Busch was able to lead the race again. This time though Kyle was able to hold off Jimmie while Clint Boyer just started to go to the back of the lead lap.

With 50 laps let Kyle was still only leading Jimmie by .2 tenths of a second. A couple laps later and Jimmie took the lead back. It took both of them a few laps to get around the lap down car driven by Casey Mears.

With 40 laps left Denny Hamlin starts the cars coming down pit road for fuel and tires. Then all the cars started to come down for service with Kyle Busch beating Jimmie Johnson off of pit road, but Jimmie got a penalty for exiting pit road too fast killing a good day for him.

That put Jimmie one lap down around seventeenth while Kyle Busch was leading Matt Kenseth now by over four seconds. With 21 laps left Jeff Burton was able to get second place from Matt Kenseth. Jeff was around 5 seconds back of Kyle at this time and could not do anything to close the gap as he went on to win the race
"We prevailed today," said Kyle Busch. He stated though that he may not have been able to beat Jimmie Johnson though.

Jimmie Johnson stated o his final pit stop he got out faster than he did before, but slowed down in his final segment hoping to not get caught.

"Month of May has always been tough for us," said Kevin Harvick who finished seventh.

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