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June 23, 2010 5:23 PM

Bobby Labonte And More News

Bobby Labonte is now out at TRG Motorsports.  Bobby says that he wants to win races.

Now that Bobby is out at TRG he is now going to be the driver of the #7 car that Robby Gordon usually drivers just for New Hampshire.  Bobby will then be in the #09 Phoenix Racing car at Daytona and Chicagoland.

TRG though has hired Andy Lally as the driver for New Hampshire.

Jimmy Fenning is now going to be the crew chief for Matt Kenseth.  This marks the second crew chief change for the driver this year. has up a great article looking at Kyle Busch Motorsports and the first year struggles.

MY quick Bobby Labonte thoughts:

I agree with Bobby that he wants to win races and in the TRG car he is not going to have a chance to win any of them. His best chance to win in his next three races I say is at Daytona. His only real shot to win a race this season is if he gets into the #83 car which is certainly going to be a great option for Red Bull Racing when the Chicagoland race is over and they take off for one week.

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