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June 6, 2010 6:56 PM

Fireworks At The End Of The Race

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Sprint Cup drivers are back to Pocono for the first of two race this season. Kyle Busch earlier in the week was able to the poll for the 500 mile race.

Tony Stewart stated that momentum is really key for this race.

As the drivers were just about to take the green flag rain started to fall. It fell hard enough to park all the cars for an extra 1 hour and 30 minutes to get the track dry and then to also fix a pot hole by the exit of pit road. The rain delay also caused NASCAR to throw out a competition caution around lap 15.

Kyle Busch finally stated the race are 3:07pm in the lead for the first few laps and then on lap 5 it was Denny Hamlin getting to lead laps until the competition yellow came out around lap 16 though. Almost everyone pits and Kyle Busch takes the lead off pit road.

This led to one massive long green flag run. Clint Boyer gets hot and on lap 38 was able to take the lead of the race from Kyle Busch. Green flag pit stops then begin at lap 47. Matt Kenseth gets a speeding penalty on pit road during this round of green flag pit stops.

After the pit stops were over Clint Boyer had the lead again. He kept on leading more and more laps and the next round of green flag pit stops start occurring around lap 76. After this round was over Clint was back in the lead of the race again. By the time the caution for debris comes out on lap 97 Clint Boyer left around 20 cars on the lead lap.

The leaders pitted and it was Kyle Busch getting the lead of the race back with Clint Boyer coming out in third. The green flag drops and it was one wild restart. It got three wide through turn one for the lead of the race. Then into the tunnel turn Kevin Harvick with a massive run passed a whole bunch of cars in order to get the lead of the race.
At lap 106 it was Kevin getting loose putting Denny Hamlin back into the lead of the race. Around lap 130 it was another round of green flag pit stops. After the pit stops were over Denny was back in the lead of the race. At lap 154 the debris caution finally came out again.

The green flag drops and this time we get a short green flag run as Brian Vickers brings out the caution. Some of the cars on the lead lap come in for service.

The green flag drops with only 35 laps left and the caution comes out one lap later for Jamie McMurray who spins and crashes. The caution brought in the rest of the cars on the lead lap that did not pit. This left Kurt Busch in the lead with Busch back around 13th.

Kurt Busch lost the lead to Sam Hornish Jr. who led a couple laps before the caution for debris came out again. The caution again brought some cars down pit road for service. The green flag wound up dropping with 22 laps left.
Sam quickly got the lead of the race with Denny Hamlin making a bold move to get him back up to fourth place. With 20 lap left all the action on the track was for cars around 10th spot where two wide and three racing occurred for spots.

With 17 laps left Kyle Busch moved up to fourth. Denny was in third place at the time. With 15 laps left Denny Hamlin took over second place in turn 2. A few more laps go by and Denny has the lead of the race. As Denny Hamlin was about to take the checkered flag the yellow comes out for Joey Logano as his spins out from a hit by Kevin Harvick.

This did bring out the green/white checker flag with Denny Hamlin getting the lead of the race. On the final lap of the race a big wreck occurs as Kasey Kahne goes into the grass and then crashes hard into Greg Biffle and Mark Martin. Martin Truex Jr. and other were involved in the wreck as well.

After the race was over Joey Logano parked his car right up next to Kevin's car and heated words were exchanged.

"Disappointing," said Joey Logano on the wreck with Kevin. "Top five run going."

"It was just a great car," said Denny Hamlin.

Kevin Harvick stated that it was two cars going to into the same space at the same time.

"Bad way to end the day," said Kasey Kahne.

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