The Pit Stop

June 14, 2010 5:35 PM

Some Weekend Racing Thoughts

Both the Saturday and Sunday races were on the boring side of things.  At least with the Kentucky race we had Joey Logano going for three wins in a row at Kentucky to make things a bit interesting.

The Sunday race was Denny Hamlin domination day again.  Not even that last debris caution stopped him.  He could have won that race by like 12 seconds if it was not for that last caution.

I hope we get more of a feud with Joey Logano and Kevin Harvick.  It seemed like on Sunday through pre-race interviews that it was like over with even though Joey will not apologize for it.

So we get Adam Sandler and Kevin James to say those magical words we all love to hear, "Gentleman start your engines," but why did they have to do it in a way that made it suck so bad.  Those two were at the track because of the Grown Ups movie that is to be coming out, but they acted like idiots and not Grown Ups.  

Tony Stewart is looking like he is getting hot again.

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